Kissing Summer Goodbye


I love these moments
behind the wheel
chasing sunsets
my mind finally still.

No one before me
no one behind,
just me and the highway,
and this sweet Jeep of mine.

Windows down-
The sun is fading fast.
Metallica’s blaring through the stereo
the urge is rising to hit the gas.

Take the corner
squealing tires
wind in my hair
quenching my desire.

This is how
I kiss summer goodbye-
with sunets,
heavy metal,
and a dusk, highway lullaby.

(Metallica has been inspiring me to write a lot lately. Perhaps James Hetfield is my muse. I take my blog award answer back. If I could go on a romantic getaway with someone (Imaging I’m single & have never met my husband, I’d want a getaway with James! It doesn’t even have to be romantic!!😂🤣)

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15 Responses to Kissing Summer Goodbye

  1. Very lovely post. A fitting summer sendoff ❤️❤️🌞

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  2. W.S.Thompson says:

    I was having the same type of vibe today! Thanks for posting!

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  3. WendyMegget says:

    Great photo, and I love the feel of this. I can relate completely – nothing like an awesome sunset, the open road and great tunes to inspire a girl to put her foot down and feel the wind in her hair!

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  4. Laura Beth says:

    Happy first day of fall, dear!

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  5. Great poem my friend. I loved the pic. But fall can have its great times too. Though they tend to be a little more laid back. Perhaps some Jackson Browne while snuggling under a blanket watching the embers glow in the firepit.

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  6. YBP says:

    Love this sweet summer kiss send-off Kristian! 😘☀️❤️💛🥰

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