Kristian & Nova’s Falling Into Autumn Countdown – 27 Days!

Hello beautiful souls!

For today’s challenge and countdown party I want you to share a picture of fall. It can be a picture you have taken, or a picture you have found online. I want you to share either a poem or a few sentences about the picture. Just whatever comes to you.

Nova & I both are taken with autumn leaves, so I thought I would share this poem about my buckeye tree that makes me think of my grandfather. A man I haven’t even met, but still mourn. I mourn what could have been, but just as I posted earlier (this is my new favorite post, by the way,) pain is essential!

My Buckeye Tree


The buckeye tree planted in my backyard, by my grandfather in the early 1940’s!!

Your branches aren’t as full as they once were

Your age is starting to show

Still proudly you stand before me

Your beauty for me to bestow


Many hours I’ve spent sitting beneath you

My buckeye tree

Confiding in you secrets

That others dare not see


Your branches have heard my laughter

As I swung from your limbs as a child

Now it seems all you hear are my sobs

As my “wild streak” has grown mild.


Your leaves, while not that plenty

Still provide me with shade from the blistering sun

So let me sit beneath them

My daily duties, finally done


I’ve grown quite fondly of you

In awe of everything you’ve given me

Such as the colors of your leaves right now

showing us how beautiful letting go can be

Kristian L. Weigman

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4 Responses to Kristian & Nova’s Falling Into Autumn Countdown – 27 Days!

  1. Nova says:

    Bittersweet memoriam for your grandpa! Glorious tree that holds such lovely autumn colors.

    Liked by 1 person

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