Kristian & Nova’s Falling Into Autumn Countdown – 30 Days *Bonus Post

Hello again beautiful people!

Since you all know how big of a music lover I am, I decided to kick things off with an End of Summer playlist, I created this Playlist using Spotify, and I thought I would share this playlist with you!

music pumpkin

There is an eclectic mix of songs on here, and I will be adding to this already extensive list as I think of more songs, and once I receive a few of Nova’s favorites!!

If any of you have any suggestions or songs you would like to see added, please let me know and I will add them to this playlist, and notify you once I do! I will share whatever songs you choose on the blog so everyone can listen and party!!

* I am not sure why this is not embedding like it usually does. I will try and play around with it later, but for now the link will have to do!

Enjoy and rock on my friends!!

Love & life lessons,




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2 Responses to Kristian & Nova’s Falling Into Autumn Countdown – 30 Days *Bonus Post

  1. Nova says:

    Waaaahoooooo!!! Music fun!!! I’ll have to get you some of my favs, very soon! I’ve been so busy today!!

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