My Wild

james dean

There has always been something

about the rebellious streak

that I’ve been drawn to.

The James Dean types-

popped collars

and carefree spirits.


I suppose that is why

I am drawn to rivers-

that run wild,

and free,

and refuse to stop flowing.


Why I love getting lost in the woods-

away from society,

away from the noise,

and pollution-

of mouths

and factories.


I feel a connection-

to the stars,

and souls I have never met.

A longing-

to bathe in the moonlight,

and run like the wolves

on top of mountains.


I find pieces of myself

in the birds that fly above the trees,

in the wildflowers,

and in the wind.


I am that river-

running wild,

and free,

and refusing to settle.


I am the wolf

howling at the moon

and making the forest my home.


I am as wild as the flowers

that grow in the moss

beneath the trees.


And if you close your eyes,

you can feel me in the wind.


Kristian L. Weigman

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