Wordless Wednesday #34 – Not Really Wordless

Hello, beautiful souls! And happy Wednesday!!

I have talked before about how I am my biggest critic, I think this is a true statement for most of us. I don’t know why, I suppose I go through spurts, but lately I have been really, really hard on myself. I have a tendency to blame myself for everything, or at least, feel some sort of responsibility even if it’s not my fault You know those “what if’s” or “maybe’s” start creeping in. “Well MAYBE if I had done it this way instead of this way I would have arrived at x by now.” or “What if I could change this one thing,” etc… It’s all bullshit & unnecessary, & I absolutely have no reason to treat myself so poorly. I am learning, folks, I really am, to be kinder to myself!!

Anyway, when the “What if” & “maybe” monsters attack, I start really not liking what I see in the mirror, why the two go hand in hand, I have no idea. I cannot control the way that I feel, but I absolutely can control my reaction to those feelings, and so today for this “Wordless Wednesday,” I have decided to share some selfies. I have talked about my love of silly Snapchats with Christen, Caitlyn, & now Brandy & Amanda! Yay!! But I most certainly do not use it to add filters to try & fake my looks or make myself appear “prettier” than I really am.

The truth is that I don’t find myself attractive, even with the more defined cheek bones & long eye lashes, but today a colleague from another department stopped in & told me that I look beautiful, but that I always look beautiful, & all I could do was stare at her before I finally thanked her for her lovely compliment. I literally put zero effort into today’s look. I threw my hair up into a bun because it was just a frizzy, uncontrollable mess. I forgot my earrings, & I’ve just been feeling so down.

So I am saying I don’t care (for right now at least) about my messy hair, lack of makeup, no earrings, or any of my other countless flaws!!

This is the many shades of me!



Yesterday, after I went dancing in the rain.




Enjoying a glass of red wine! No filter.


When I’m cold. No filter.


Annoyed at work. LOL! No filter


My hair & makeup were on point, so I snapped a picture! No filter.


Pink SnapChat filter. Showing people that I always have either an ink pen or a rolling pin in my hands!


I encourage all of you to practice self love. You are worthy of love, especially your own!

You are beautiful, just as you are-

your gender does not matter,

the color of your skin does not matter,

your sexual preference does not matter,

your religion does not matter!

Do you hear me?

YOU are BEAUTIFUL! (Unless you’re just a crappy person with a horrible personality who only thinks of yourself, with a pretty/handsome face, and then it’s just congratulations on your face. Lol!)

Love & life lessons,



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33 Responses to Wordless Wednesday #34 – Not Really Wordless

  1. I loved your pic after you danced in the rain!
    Since I don’t know your age, I can’t really say if it’s appropriate to say it or not but I guess every girl look beautiful in their natural look, without makeup.
    And to my eyes you’re perfect!
    I’m an ugly boy so I always get flak in my college and I don’t have any friends too..
    Sometimes looks does matter in this cruel world

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  2. Nova says:

    You are perfect just as you are!! You’re beautiful and strong, witty, intelligent, talented, kind, soooo much good!!! There’s special places in heaven waiting for people like you!! Don’t dim your light because your mortality whispers lies in your ear!! Shine baby, shine as you’re meant too✨✨✨✨

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  3. orkidedatter says:

    Oh my… I needed to read this, so powerful and much emotions.
    You are so brave and you are beautiful all around from within to your gorgeous face..
    You are a lovely soul with a heart of gold, thank you.
    So much caring and love to us in this community.

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  4. Rising Star says:

    Wow, kristian you have written gorgeously. It’s been amazing feel my heart to read out this. Thanks and keep the good work.

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  5. Sadje says:

    A great message to share.

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  6. Nathan AM Smith says:

    Kristian! How did you know EXACTLY what I needed to hear today? Are you trying to make me cry, because its about to work! Seriously, though, you are beautiful! But the most important thing about you is your beautiful, beautiful soul! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  7. Solitaire says:

    Wonderful wisdom, excellent photos 😊

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  8. A great post my friend.

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  9. johncoyote says:

    I agree dear Kristian, strong words and thoughts. We must like, who we are. Beautiful photos too.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. johncoyote says:

    Reblogged this on johncoyote and commented:
    Wonderful and needed words by a talented writer.

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