The Inspiration Award


John nominated me for The Inspiration Award, which he created. Although I don’t really participate in awards anymore, except to answer a few questions here or there, I thought I would participate in this one, to shine a light on some of my fellow bloggers.

I wish I could nominate all of you!!

A note to my nominations: Please do not feel obligated to participate, I just simply wanted to share your blog with others, hoping they will get as much enjoyment out of your blog as I do. And to also let you know how much you & your blog has been an inspiration to me.


I have been following Jared’s blog for over a year now, and what a journey it has been! I have had the fortunate pleasure of watching him grow as a writer & being completely blown away by his poetry & song lyrics. We share a love for horror movies, music, & DOCTOR STRANGE!!! Haha, he is so much fun to nerd out with. I am grateful for Jared & his friendship, he has been a comfort to me in some very dark times, & I’m not sure he even realizes it.

He will tell you that he’s not a poet, but I’m here to tell you he is among my top favorites, including: Robert Frost, E.E. Cummings, & Christopher Poindexter. They all share a common interest, they write from the heart. They allow their emotions & souls to bleed out in ink, & if that’s not inspirational, I don’t know what is!

I battle with insomnia, & I have spent countless nights rereading some of Jared’s poems, finding they spark some of my own creativity. If you haven’t read any of his poetry, you need to. Not only are his words absolutely phenomenal, but he pairs them with some of the most fascinating gifs you will find on the interwebs.

I cannot comprehend how Nathan is not a famous poet. His words are so poetic & moving. I have been moved to tears, had my breath stolen, & the fact that he holds some of my writing in high esteem blows my mind, because he is simply phenomenal. His poetry is so descriptive that you will find your mind painting images of the people & places he writes about.  I am fairly new to Nathan’s blog, but I am extremely grateful that I stumbled upon it.

Laura Beth & I go way back, and I consider her to be a very close friend now. She is also another pen pal of mine!! Laura Beth was one of the first blogs I ever followed. I’ve been with her for 3 years now? Wow, how is that possible? Anyway, her blog is a potpourri of amazing works. She writes fiction, book reviews, occasional movie & television show reviews. She blogs about her adventures, her family, & her fur babies, and she also shares her goals each month. She has inspired me more times than I can count, both in the blogging world & outside of it. Love you, soul sister!!

Nova (aka Brandy) & I developed a quick friendship. She and I have a lot in common, & I’m so glad we found one another. She’s another blogging soul sister of mine!

Like her, her blog is very eclectic, you will find all sorts of different posts from fiction, to gratitude journals, & everything in between. She’s fun, sweet, & loves bringing joy to others. She has a beautiful soul & I am grateful for our friendship. She has inspired me to write pieces of fiction & poems of Christmas & family traditions. She truly is a light in a dark world!

I was introduced to Mathew’s blog by Brandy. I am very new to Mathew’s blog, but I’m so grateful Brandy introduced him to me! His poetry is all over the place, at times it is extremely moving, & other times it’s silly & comical, but regardless, it’s very well written & I suppose that’s why I am drawn to it.

Mathew is probably going to hate me because he literally just shared an award he was nominated for, & stated that he was growing tired of them. Haha! Again, Mathew, I just wanted to highlight your amazing blog. No obligation for participation!!

Mathew also writes pieces of fiction & real life blogs, & has shared pictures of his beautiful daughter. He also interviews other bloggers & highlights some very important issues in today’s world. I highly recommend his blog! Mathew is such an inspiration!

I know John is the creator of this blog, but I wanted to shine a light on his blog as well. John doesn’t often share his poetry, but when he does it’s very moving. John is another one who speaks from his heart, & it shows.

John has inspired me to write numerous pieces of fiction, and I am honored that he sends me prompts from time to time, telling me I will do them justice.

Rory’s entire blog is inspirational, in fact; he often shares prompts, tags, & challenges for other bloggers to participate in to spark inspiration. He shares numerous posts, each one unique & colorful. I could spend hours on Rory’s blog (I literally have) & still not cover all of his content. He is fun & his blog has brought me so much joy! If you haven’t checked out his blog, I encourage you to do so!

Catherine herself is an inspiration. She has experienced so much heartache & pain in her lifetime. Her story has made me cry countless times, yet she continues to shine a light, she continues to persevere, & she is one of the most badass women on the planet. She lives her life unapologetically, as she should. She’s a wonderful mother & grandmother, & friend! I consider myself blessed to read about her & get to know her. Do yourself a favor & spend some time perusing her blog, just have your tissues ready, & be prepared for a roller coaster ride of emotions.


I could go on & on, because there are so many inspiring bloggers out there that I could highlight. I could write pages upon pages, but that would literally take me years. I decided to write about those who inspire me the most!

So if you are reading this, consider yourself nominated!!

Keep writing, friends!

Love & life lessons,


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27 Responses to The Inspiration Award

  1. Aw ❤ You made my day. Thank you. I’ll do my best to participate! I’ll have to check out these other blogs too.

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  2. aguycalledbloke says:

    Hey Madam K – wow congratulations to you for your award for inspiration – well deserved and rightly gifted 🙂
    Also thank you so much for the compliment, that’s just enough award for me, but also thank you for your gift. I will try to attend to this at some point in the near future – thank you for your vote of confidence and thank you for the fact that l inspire you 🙂

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  3. simplywendi says:

    Congratulations! 🙂

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  4. Nathan AM Smith says:

    Ugh thank you! You’re moving me to tears right now! You are so kind and supportive. It means the world and I always enjoy reading your posts. They are such a bright spot in my day. Truly. So thank you. It feels so good to be back 😭

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  6. Laura Beth says:

    Congratulations on your nomination. Thank you for thinking of me so highly! I consider you to be such a wonderful friend. We inspire each other! And you keep writing, too. We’re gonna be authors one day, and celebrate the heck out of it!

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  7. Thank You So Much Kristian 💖💕💕

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  9. meenawalia says:

    U r a noble soul..reading ur post and the replies I can understand u r a good human.GOD BLESS

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Reverie says:

    Congratulation, keep inspiring other with your post, this is a change in others , you are making on impact…

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