No Apologies, Kristian!

It’s been a rough few days in the news

& I am feeling (even more) discouraged –

By humanity

And our politics.

I am ready for cooler weather already,

And I’m exhausted from lack of sleep.

So I am going to sit on my sofa,

Eat cotton candy from last week’s fair,

And finish the first season of Hannibal –

And I am not going to feel bad

For not doing laundry

Or working out.

Because it’s about damn time

I started being kinder to myself.

Kristian L. Weigman

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11 Responses to No Apologies, Kristian!

  1. Nova says:

    Damn right, you have nothing to apologize for! Treat yo self

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  2. I get the discouragement. Enjoy your ‘you’ night.

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  3. I ready for warmer weather, the last couple of days have felt like Spring is on it’s way =D

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  4. Take care of you above all else. My wife and I are binge watching McCleods Daughters.

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