Listen To The Music #6

Welcome back!!

Last week I spoke of my love for Johnny Cash and how I was introduced to him by my dad and brother. In keeping up with the songs that I love that were introduced to me by my father, I thought I’d share a few of the songs I will always associate with my dad and the meanings behind them.

  • There’s A Tear In My Beer by Hank Williams Sr.

Oh, Hank Williams. Nobody had a twang quite like this man. I remember my dad singing this song when I was growing up. I’d sit on his knee and we’d try and match that twang. It always had us laughing. My dad is a huge Hank Williams Sr. fan. I, on the other hand, listen to him more for nostalgia purposes, but I’m not one to seek him out on my own. I do want to watch the movie about his life portrayed by Tom Hiddleston though. It looks so good!

  • Haunted House by Jumpin’ Gene Simmons

When I was a little girl my dad would twirl me around the living room to this song, or bounce me on his knee and sing it to me. I know without a shadow of a doubt that if I were to play this song in his presence, he would still grab my hand and twirl me around the room! I can’t listen to this song and not think of my father.

  • Wildwood Flower by Johnny Cash

I realize this isn’t a Johnny Cash original. I believe the Carter Family were the first ones to sing it, but I am partial to the Cash version.

My parents had this incredible, covered front porch that my dad built. I have so many fond memories on that porch, it was a gathering place. It was my favorite place to sit and watch the rain, read a book, paint my toenails, shave my legs, listen to stories, etc… One of the fondest memories I have is me as a young girl, sitting Indian style at my father’s feet, watching him and listening to him play this song on guitar. Sometimes he would sing the lyrics, other times he wouldn’t, but I always loved it. He taught himself how to play this song, and he plays by ear, because he can’t read music, but I have been teaching him from time to time. I bought him a beginners book to help aid him when I’m not around. Anyway, about 6 months after my mom passed away I was visiting with my dad and his sister, he broke out the guitar and played this song, and my aunt and I sang along. Music has this incredible ability to bring people together, and almost all of my favorite memories involve music in one way or another!

  • Battle of New Orleans by Johnny Horton

I will more than likely do a post just of this man, my Grandma was a big fan, and I have many fond memories of his songs, but this particular song always makes me think of my dad. He would sing it on road trips, of course, I learned the words and would sing right a long with him! I really like Johnny Horton’s voice!

  • Brand New Man by Brooks and Dunn

I should do a post about these guys! I LOVE Brooks and Dunn! They are one of my favorites! They are so talented! Anyway, I have my dad to thank for my love of them too! We would often dance around to Boot Scootin’ Boogie, but Brand New Man is one of my absolute favorites!!

I am loving these posts. I have so many favorites, it’s a great way to share them all with you.

I hope you enjoy them too!

Love & life lessons,


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5 Responses to Listen To The Music #6

  1. My dad does Johnny Cash gigs around the Denver area. It’s his retirement job. We love it! And, he keeps getting better. You have great taste in music πŸ™‚

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  2. Nathan AM Smith says:

    What good songs! You always inspire me to diversify my playlists!

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