Friday Favorites #5


I understand that Friday is just another day, and I also understand that for some of you, especially those of you who work retail (I’ve been there,) Friday doesn’t necessarily mean it’s your weekend, in fact; you’re probably thinking, “Weekend? What does that even mean?!” If you love your job, I highly commend you! Retail was not for me, at the end of the day I came home so stressed out, crying from dealing with rude and mean people all day, ugh!! But your job is important, you are important, and I just wanted to highlight that! A round of applause for all of the people working retail (including grocery stores & gas stations), restaurants, and fast food!

Top 4 Songs On Repeat This Week:

  1. Come By Me by Harry Connick Jr.

Oh, this man and his piano playing skills! I remember when I first saw Harry Connick Jr. in Little Man Tate (I love that movie,) I heard a few of his Christmas songs and fell in love, so I looked him up and sure enough, I became smitten. This song is one of my absolute favorites!! That piano and that saxophone!! Gah!!

2. Baby I Love Your Way by Big Mountain

I love this song so much!! I can’t help but sing a long, and of course dance. I’m starting to think I sing more than I talk (I even sing about what I’m doing, I’ll be at work singing, “Making spreadsheets, gotta make the spreadsheets, send them down state for reviiiieeewwww!!”! Lol! I’m sure my coworkers just love me!) Anyway, this song is catchy and the words are oh so sweet!


3. What About Love? by Heart

This is another turn up the volume and sing at the top of your lungs kind of songs. Complete with hand motions and arms flailing about! Haha. I love Heart SO much!! I often jam out to them at work, something about them just gets me motivated!

4. Renegade by Styx

I realize this song is quite different from the first three, but I’ve told you before I have very eclectic taste! I love this song, it’s one of my favorites. I remember when they put it on Rock Band, it was one of my go to’s to sing! Man, now I kinda want to play Rock Band! Lol. I have recently added it to my list of music on Facebook. Just listen to that guitar!!


Highlights Of The Week:


paw printPuppies!!! My coworker, Cindy, brought 6-week-old puppies to work before taking them to the vet and I spent all morning cuddling with puppies! It instantly lifted my spirits and made me so happy!!


paw print Driving past my best friend! She was coming on to the perpendicular street where I was stopped at a stop sign. We saw each other and both became overjoyed, but my lovely, Amanda waved with both hands, jumped up and down, and shouted out the window “I miss you,” as she drove past me. I had a smile on my face all the way to my destination. I swear, no one gets as excited to see me as she does!! Oh, heart squeezes!! ❤ I love that woman so much!!!

paw printSpending time with Grandma. She came back from our vacation with us, and I have been loving coming home in the evenings, watching television, talking about the current story I am writing, hearing about the current story she is reading, our wine chats, she made her famous french onion dip, which is just simply sour cream and onion soup mix, but I swear it doesn’t taste as good when I make it. No one makes it taste as good as Grandma!

paw printVacation!! So it wasn’t this week, it was the week prior, but I didn’t get the chance to post a Friday Favorites while I was away. I had so much seafood! I love, love, love seafood! Crab, shrimp, scallops… SO GOOD! I had my first Land Shark, which is a very light & citrusy beer, perfect for summer. I tried my first mead, and I wasn’t sure how I was going to like it, I’ve heard it can be pretty hoppy, but it wasn’t at all. It tasted more like honey, and for as strong as it is, 19% alcohol per volume, it was incredibly smooth. I was pleasantly surprised. I saw my first actual movie in IMAX. I have seen educational IMAX films, one about space and another about the oceans, but never for purely entertainment purposes. I saw Godzilla, and it was awesome!! I went to an Orioles game which is always a blast!! If I had my way, I’d spend every weekend at a ball field!

paw printA new show! I started watching a new show on the History channel called “Unidentified.” Have you guys seen this? It’s creepy, yet fascinating! I am hooked!

Random Loves:

  • This image of Tom Hanks hugging Woody at the premiere of Toy Story 4!! ❤ ❤

tom hanks


  • This dad having a conversation with his baby!! Awe!!! It doesn’t matter how many times I watch this, it still brings a smile to my face.

  • This quote by Johnny Cash. I know I shared this in a previous post, but it’s one of my favorites!!

cash quote

  • This poem by Tyler Kent White. GAH!! ❤ ❤ ❤

quantam entaglement


It has been a while since I’ve posted anything Benedict Cumberbatch related. I feel like I should get at least a pat on the back or something for this! Haha. My friend Christen and I spent a good portion of an afternoon last week sending each other pictures of certain celebrities and gushing like teenagers! Haha!! So, I thought I’d share my heartthrob with all of you too!


Lord, my cheeks hurt from laughing! Bahahaha!! This is one of my favorite Mad Lib Theaters, and NOT just because it’s Benedict Cumberbatch!

Stay weird and great!!

Love & life lessons,


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