Laughter & Family

I have found that it is the things we like the least about ourselves, others find endearing. My laugh, for instance. I love to laugh, and I don’t let my dislike for my laugh stop me from laughing, but I think my laugh is, what’s the word I’m looking for?…… Unladylike. I’m not sure where I got the idea that I should “laugh like a lady,” I’m not even completely sure I know what that  means, but my laugh is very boisterous, and I guess I feel that some might find that annoying.

Anyway, everyone tells me they love my laugh, which I find kind of odd, but Neil tells me he likes it because it’s genuine and real. My friend Ashley has told me my laugh is one of her favorite things about me because it’s contagious, and my Aunt Theresa has told me that she loves my laugh because she thinks it’s funnier than the humorous subject matter.


I wonder why that is? Why do we feel so insecure about certain characteristics, or our creations, or whatever it is about ourselves? Why do we overthink it to the point we create unneeded stress and anxiety, only to find out that most people love that thing, whatever it is, the most? Even Charles Dickens thought “A Christmas Carol” was the worst book he ever wrote, however; that book became his most popular, and it remains that way to this very day.

I have been enjoying my time here in Baltimore, surrounded by some of the people who love me the most in this world, Yesterday was filled with lots of laughter as we shared stories of past times, caught each other up on life, told jokes, and of course, there were mentions of food and recipes because we’re all big foodies!


I love these moments, the simplicity of simply just being with people who thoroughly enjoy my presence, with beautiful souls that match my own in one way or another, with people who make an effort to make me laugh because they enjoy my laughter, it’s a great feeling, and I am blessed beyond measure to call these beautiful souls family!

Love & life lessons,


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14 Responses to Laughter & Family

  1. Haha… I’ve found my laugh to be a bit obnoxious, but others love it 😁

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  2. The Eclectic Contrarian says:

    We live with ourselves 24/7/365, we get tired of ourselves… and I think that’s why we don’t think we’re anything special.. but I believe we’re each like worlds of our own and we don’t understand just how beautiful a world we are to someone who really needs our habitat.

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  3. Nathan AM Smith says:

    Love this! Haha. Laughter is such a good thing 🙂

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  4. Sometimes it’s hard to see ourselves without or owner harsh filter. We always worry about how we look, sound or what we said. But at least it’s nice to know we aren’t alone in our self criticism! And most of the time people either like our “flaws” or don’t even notice them!

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