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Friday Favorites #7

Welcome back beautiful souls! I am especially glad today is Friday because after work I am going to spend some quality time with Amanda! I have spoken of her and our friendship many times, but I have been missing her … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday #1 – June 27th shared on June 28th

Happy Friday! I came across Fandango’s Flashback Friday post, and I thought this was such a great idea that I decided to follow suit. I didn’t actually post anything on June 28th, 2016, but when I came across this post, … Continue reading

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Treading Water

I lift my dress up to my knees and start to tread the water. I stick in my toes, back out they go at the feel of the frigid temperature. I brace myself and begin to walk a slow and … Continue reading

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Imagination Plantation: Love At The State Fair

Every month I participate in Didi’s writing prompt where she gives us a scenario and she asks us to use the characters from our current WIP for said prompt. Well, she isn’t doing a prompt for the month of June, … Continue reading

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Soulful Sunday #11 – Taking My Time

I am enjoying the sunshine right now, I have to get it while I can, it’s the first time it hasn’t rained in weeks. I have been learning to make more time for myself, to just slow down and simply … Continue reading

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Friday Favorites #6

I swear the length of time between Friday’s keeps getting shorter and shorter, however; I am happy that it is the end of the week. My energy has been drained, I’ve been in a very dark place emotionally all week, … Continue reading

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On the wake of tomorrow [a character sketch]

Originally posted on The Myth of Prometheus:
[20 June 2019] On the wake of tomorrow, the sea holds its breath, waiting. The sky wraps warm around us, stretching just beyond the horizon. I feel your heartbeat through your palm. I…

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Listen To The Music #6

Welcome back!! Last week I spoke of my love for Johnny Cash and how I was introduced to him by my dad and brother. In keeping up with the songs that I love that were introduced to me by my … Continue reading

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Magic Man

What is this magic that I feel? With your old fashioned charms And your sharp wit, My breath, you managed to steal.   Where did you come from human? These dreams have been happening every night. You, me, and a … Continue reading

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See The World But Feel The Beauty

I have a client who comes in every year to file her taxes and I always enjoy visiting with her. This particular client is blind and due to having a preexisting condition, she is denied certain benefits (sometimes, I really … Continue reading

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