Friday Favorites #4

friday 1

This one is also me!! Image Credit: Pinterist

I am having a pretty rough morning, but I’m hoping by doing this post it will lift my spirits a little.

Top 4 songs on Repeat This Week:

  1. Might As Well Dance by Jason Mraz

I remember when Jason released his latest album “Know,” last year and I discovered this song!! I instantly fell in love with it, and I had it on repeat for months to come!! There is even a video of my dancing to it on Instagram!! It had been a while since I had heard it, but it came on the radio the other day while I was driving to work and I started dancing along in my seat, and I fell in love all over again, so I’ve been listening to it all week!

2. The Joker by Steve Miller Band

I was introduced to this song by my brother, many moons ago, but it’s another one of my favorites and I have it on many of my Spotify playlists.

3. Leather and Lace by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley

Somewhere between my early adolescence and now I discovered a part of myself and that part is my gypsy soul. Not so much wanting to live in different places (although that would be cool,) but the travel and adventure, I crave it as much as I crave a slice of key lime pie, or a tall glass of iced tea on a hot summer day.

While discovering my inner gypsy who also loves flowy skirts, everything Bohemian, and bright, vibrant colors, I fell in love with Stevie Nicks.

This song, in my humble opinion, is one of the most beautiful love songs ever written, it comes from a very deep place, it’s raw, visceral emotion written in ink, spilled into rhythm, and I feel ever ounce of it. These types of songs and song lyrics are my absolute favorites!!

4. Free Me by Joss Stone

I was introduced to Joss Stone by Amanda and how could I have not fallen in love with her?! Oh my gosh, I just can’t get enough!! She sings from her soul and it’s so beautiful. She’s an inspiration and I find myself adding more and more of her songs to all of my playlists!!

I especially love the message in this song, don’t ever give up on your dreams, no matter how far fetched they might seem!

Highlights of the Week:

wine-glass-outline-hiFree Jelly Belly’s. I placed a fairly large order for the office earlier this week through Quill, and so to thank me they sent free Jelly Belly jelly beans! My coworkers and I have been fighting over the popcorn flavored ones, but the amazing thing is there’s been a lot of tension in the office lately, but somehow, these jelly beans have brought us all together, we gather around them in the afternoon and share stories, laugh, and we’ve all bonded.

wine-glass-outline-hiDestination Wedding! I watched this movie for the first time this week, and I really enjoyed it. Particularly the scene where Keanu Reeves character compliments Winona Ryder’s face by giving her a rather scientific explanation of why he finds her to be attractive! It’s just so funny and heartwarming all at the same time!!

wine-glass-outline-hiLast evening, sitting on Amanda’s deck, catching each other up on our lives, watching the dark rain clouds open to filter in the sunlight, turning back to dark as dusk falls, inhaling that glorious scent of air right before it rains, the cool, spring breeze whipping through my hair, and sipping a wine I had never tried before.


wine-glass-outline-hiDiscovering an app that allows me to put my quotes and poetry over photos. I was introduced to this app called “YourQuoteApp” by Brandy, and I dearly love it. I will be posting some of said quotes in a post later on.

wine-glass-outline-hiThis conversation with a friend that had me giggling for a good 5 minutes:


Lol! I’m feeling better already!!

Random Loves:

Spring/Summer Scents:

Pink Sands by Yankee Candle. This time of year, I break out this candle, it reminds me of the beach, sunshine, and all of the wonderful things about summer weather!

pink sands










A charcoal grill:

charcoal grill









Fresh lavender:


Freshly cut grass




Salt Water:

I literally crave the Ocean and everything about it!! The feel of the waves hugging my body, the smell, the sight, the sound, EVERYTHING!!!


Ocean City, MD! I could spend hours sitting right here, staring at the ocean, and letting the waves kiss my ankles.



One of my all time favorite episodes of Supernatural is episode 6 of Season 4, titled “Yellow Fever.” In the episode Dean Winchester, my favorite character gets the disease which makes him itchy, among other things, it’s just a really funny episode! Anyway, the actor who plays Dean, Jensen Ackles, is a major goofball, and he makes up choreography to “Eye of The Tiger,” at the end of the episode. I laughed so hard the first time I saw it, and it still makes me chuckle. I greatly admire Jensen!

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend, and to all of my American followers, a very happy Memorial Day!!

Stay weird and great!

Love & life lessons,


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  1. The Eclectic Contrarian says:

    Awesome cloud picture!

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  2. Nova says:

    FOOOOODDDD!!! haha haha yaassss

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