May Writing Prompt Challenge

Every Month Didi Oviatt creates a writing prompt, and the only rule is to use the characters from our current WIP and write about the topic provided. You can read Didi’s original post below:

Didi’s May Writing Prompt Challenge

For your reading pleasure, please enjoy

Beach Campfires


Michael sat on the boardwalk, watching Cara as she twirled around the campfire, her heels kicking up the sand. Michael was overly stressed at work, his boss cutting it way to close to deadlines and relying on him to pick up the slack even though it wasn’t his job. He hadn’t wanted to come, but Cara looked at him with those big, blue eyes, and pouted her lip and there was no way he could tell her no. He was trying desperately to focus his attention on his emails, but his eyes kept catching sight of the beautiful woman he was lucky enough to call his. She was wearing a black, spaghetti strap sundress that came to her knees, sunflowers were printed on the delicate fabric that hugged her curves. He loved seeing her like this, relaxed, head leaned back in laughter as she danced along to her favorite songs with her best friends, and consuming maybe just a tad more wine than she should.

He chuckled as she ran out to the ocean, smiling ear to ear, kicking up water and laughing like a child. His chuckle stopped suddenly as his breath caught in his throat when she shed her dress, revealing a lacy swimsuit. He couldn’t believe he almost didn’t come and he scoffed at the memory.

But Michael, if you don’t come how am I supposed to show you off to my friends? They’ve been dying to meet you!” She pleaded.

There will be other chances, my love,” he paused to stroke her face. “Why don’t you just have a girls getaway and we’ll all have dinner or something when you get back?”

Their boyfriends are coming too, please Michael?” She looked at him with her puppy dog eyes.

Not the lip, Cara, you know I can’t resist it.”

She pouted out her bottom lip, “Please, Michael?”

He sighed in defeat. “You don’t play fair.”

I only use it when absolutely necessary.” She gloated.

And this is necessary?”

Of course it is,” she walked up to him, running her hands over his broad chest and shoulders. “Not only will I get the chance to show off my incredibly handsome, sweet, funny man, but you can take a break from work. You’ve been so stressed out lately, don’t you want some time to just kick back and relax?”

He cupped her face in his hands. “My love, always so worried about me. He kissed her forehead. Yes, but camping?”

She laughed. “It’ll be fun, city boy, I promise.”

He had promised her he would relax and have fun this weekend, but he was breaking that promise, sitting on the boardwalk, answering emails. ‘Work can wait,’  he thought to himself. He took off his shirt and ran into the ocean behind her, wrapping his arms around her and lifting her in his arms. “I’m sorry I broke my promise.” He said.

“I knew you’d come around,” she replied, reaching into the ocean and bringing her hand up to splash water in his face.

“Oh, it’s on, little lady.”He gently placed her back in the water only to splash her back. Her friends, Mandy and Christine joined her in battle.

“This is hardly fair.” He replied, trying to keep up with all three ladies until the other boyfriends joined Michael and it became an all out splash war.

As evening faded into night Michael decided to impress Cara’s friends with his cooking skills. He had already prepared the sausage and potato hash, all he had to do was put in the cast iron dutch oven over the fire.

The group sat around the fire, eating the delicious meal Michael had prepared, sharing laughs and stories. Cara and her sweet tooth, of course had to make S’mores, biting into the sweet concoction, some melted marshmallow remained in the corners of her mouth. Michael, smiled at her, swiping his thumb to remove the remaining marshmallow and licking his thumb clean. Cara swallowed thickly, she wasn’t sure if it was the fire reflecting in his eyes, the way he was looking at her lips, or the feel of skin brushing hers, but she became increasingly aroused.

They headed back to their tent earlier than the rest, talking and cuddling until drifting off to sleep.

The next morning Cara woke to find the sleeping bag next to hers empty. She popped her head out of the tent to find Michael making campfire coffee. “It’s so early,” she moaned. “The sun isn’t even up yet.”

He handed her a cup. “That’s the point, sleepy head, get dressed, we’re going to watch the sunrise.”

She savored the delicious liquid and basked in it’s warmth. She threw on the sundress from the night before and took Michael’s awaiting hand. They walked hand in hand along the shore until the sun started to rise, where they sat at the Ocean’s edge and watched as the sun rose over the Atlantic. Colors of oranges, pinks, and yellow painted the sky and Michael watched as Cara snapped picture after picture, he loved these moments with her, amazed at no matter how many times she witnessed a sunset or sunrise she always stared in wonder.

He took her in his arms, stealing kisses, swaying her, although there was no music, and whispering praises in her ear. Lost in their own little world they failed to notice their ornery friends and their water guns, both of them screaming at the feel of ice, cold water on their skin. Michael took Cara’s hand and they started running away, both of them laughing and feeling like teenagers.

Michael looked up to the sky, shooting a quick thanks to God for his beautiful Cara and her pouty lip that he couldn’t resist.

I love these challenges so much, and I genuinely hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. Thank you, Didi!!

Love & life lessons,


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    I. Love. This. So much!!

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