Friday Favorites #3

Welcome back all of you beautiful souls!!

friday 2

Bahaha!! So me!! Image Credit: Sweatpants & Coffee

Well, I came into work today, started up my computer, and my windows 10 updates were finally installed!! My IT buddy (the one I actually like, not Mr. Women Shouldn’t Be In Management,) and I did a happy dance in my office!!


Gif credit: Giphy

It really is the little things!!

Top 4 Songs on Repeat This Week:

  1. Wild Wild West by The Escape Club

My friend, Christen and I like to share some of our favorite songs that we listen to on Spotify to our Instagram stories. It’s fun to see each other’s recommendations, and I came across “Pump It Up” by Elvis Costello, and the beat made me think of this song, so I’ve been jamming to it all week!!

2. The Grass is Blue by Norah Jones

This song is originally by Dolly Parton, however; I was introduced this cover last summer and I fell in love with it.

3. Smooth by Santana Featuring Rob Thomas

I have held a love for this song since the first time I heard it years ago. It’s another one that makes me want to sway my hips!

4. Love Alive By Heart

I am a HUGE Heart fan, but I especially love this song!!

Highlight of The Week:

lotus-flower-transparent-background-4.pngCoffee, lots and lots of coffee!!!

lotus-flower-transparent-background-4.pngLarge spikes of attention on the blog. I normally don’t pay attention to the                             stats, but this boosts my confidence as a writer. 🙂

lotus-flower-transparent-background-4.pngDiscovering new music!!

lotus-flower-transparent-background-4.pngSandalwood incense, my favorite bottle of wine, a London fog, a bubble bath,                       adult coring books, writing, and lavender oil – all to help me cope with stress.

Random Loves:


Keanu Reeves! I have liked him for as long as I can remember, but I earned a new found respect for him after discovering the life he has led. His father left when he was only 3-years-old. He has lost the closest people to him, including his best friend, daughter, lover, and sister. He struggled with dyslexia, and despite all of this, he is one of the nicest guys on the planet.

You can read more about his life here:

The Tragic Life of Keanu Reeves

Despite living the life of a movie star and being worth millions, Keanu lives a simple lifestyle, he’s incredibly humble, and just a beautiful soul that deserves recognition!

Just watch this video that highlights some of the wonderful things this wonderful man has done throughout his career:

I’d love to shake his hand one day!! Awesome job, Keanu!!


snoopy laugh

Another one of my favorite celebrities is Paul Rudd, which I have spoke of in the past. Here is an interview with him and Jason Segel that had me rolling!!

I hope all of you have a fantabulous (that’s a word now) weekend!!

Stay weird and great!

Love & life lessons,





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  1. Nova says:

    Love every one of your posts 💗💗💗💗

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