Where Procrastination Leads…

Yesterday evening, when I should have been cleaning I was sat in bed, procrastinating, perusing Twitter when I came across a post from Brandy, author of Nova’s Namaste 365 Online and I found a song I had never heard before:

Return To The Wild By Tobu

This led me to wander deep into the YouTube rabbit hole and I came across this lovely gem:

I was instantly taken by Jamie Mclean’s voice so I started watching his videos, and oh. my. gawd. He’s a fabulous guitar player!! *swoon*

Crazy About You

Sing It

Let’s Get Out Of Here

Tonight, after such a frustrating day at work I am chillaxin, drinking some wine and getting lost in the music.

wednesday vibes.jpg

What music can’t you get enough of lately? C’mon, share some tunes with me!!

Love & life lessons,


*Earrings courtesy of RunawayGypsyCat. Interested? Let me know!

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9 Responses to Where Procrastination Leads…

  1. The Eclectic Contrarian says:

    Interesting mix, but Iโ€™ve been between metal and bluegrass. And whatever moves me..

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