Beneath The Willow Tree Part 1

This is the prequel to The Cadillac Lounge




Dean sat at the edge of his bed with his head in his hands, listening to the rain pelt against the glass like the steady beat of a drum. His head was flooded with words, all of the words he wanted to say.

Fuck this,” he said out loud to himself.

He opened his laptop and wrote the words he wasn’t sure he’d ever send.

Dean had been talking to Lorraine for a very long time. She had emailed him years ago, without realizing that he was an avid follower of her blog, falling in love with every blessed word she let pour from her heart onto paper. She was looking for a book editor and he had gladly accepted the job, knowing the risk of getting to know her better would only lead to his inevitable fall,

After learning that he too, had a blog, Lorraine followed him leaving beautiful comments on his posts, making him feel like a better writer, and sometimes, man. She had such a way with words,she made something as simple as complimenting an art form. He couldn’t help it, he was doomed. She was different. She was fun, beautiful, intelligent, and sweet. Lord, was she sweet. Her kindness and compassion was genuine and rare and he couldn’t help but be drawn by that difference. Beautiful souls had always been a weakness of his, but she was something special, she had been handed a life of trials that would have left others bitter and weak. Yet here she stood, strong, and not letting the winter winds change her summer mood. She was a beautiful sunset, full of full bodied colors of orange, pink, and yellow after a storm.

It broke his heart to know that she had been hurt so many times in the past, and even now, her husband had completely broken her heart, and while she never truly came right out and said it, he could read between her lines.

He knew she wouldn’t leave her husband, that was part of her irresistible charm. She was devoted, loyal, and honest, so he would write the words that he might share with her if the future allows it, what he didn’t know was that the future was sooner than he expected, and their future would begin as soon as he opened her latest email….

To be continued…..

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  1. This is great, can’t wait to

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  2. Nathan AM Smith says:

    Ooooh finish it!!!

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