National Sibling Day

In honor of National Siblings Day, I am reblogging this post. My brother still and always will remain one of my best friends. I miss him dearly!

Life Lessons From Around the Dinner Table


Growing up I had a best friend that was always in my corner, always had my back, looked out for me, gave me the best advice, and consoled my aching heart, that person still does all of those things and is still my best friend, that person is my brother!

My brother and I have always had an extremely close bond, and a lot of my favorite memories include time spent with him. He is 11 years my senior, and I have always looked up to him. Growing up I admired his “coolness,” his denim jackets and plaid shirts, his taste in music, his love of horror movies, and how he was a natural born leader.

Most of my childhood friends had crushes on him, and now that we’re adults a lot of my friend’s are in awe of his intelligence, which I find humerus. Don’t get my wrong, my…

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