Black Holes

Sometimes when I’m working on my novel, my creativity flows & I wind up writing poetry. Today is one of those days.

Black Holes


Black holes tapping on my window pane

Pulling me into your ocean.

Your waves ebb and flow, your storm raging onward.

I am calm, floating freely among your surf.

What say you when I land upon your shore?

Will you leave me stranded, dehydrating in the scorching rays of the sun?

Will you forget me like all the others? Oh how easy am I to forget.

Will you give me your hand and calm your sea?

Oh, sweet love, will you be the one to save me?

Black holes tapping on my window pane, continuing their pull….

Kristian L. Weigman


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9 Responses to Black Holes

  1. Nova says:

    Those divertions lol! Sometimes very welcoming, sometimes not so much 😂

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  2. Laura Beth says:

    You have such a gift with words.

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  3. Good afternoon Kristian – ok – Spin The Keyboard Yarn – Baby Steps First launched today, with a small wee trial ..

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  4. mothertherealist says:

    I like it. Good imagery, though I don’t really want to -wait, yes. Yes, I do want to be pulled out the window some days. 🙂

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