March music videos – Day 31

Welcome back!

Well, here we are. The very last day of March is upon us, so this is my last post for music videos. There are many others I didn’t get to. Maybe I’ll post them another time.

Today’s choice is another newer choice, but it’s so good, I had to include it! “I was born in anger’s flame. You are Abel, I am Cain,” is probably my favorite line from this song. James Hetfield is a master song writer. He’s also an artist, has an amazing voice, plays guitar. He’s a talented man, & I adore him!

Day 31:

Here Comes Revenge – Metallica


Love & life lessons,


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4 Responses to March music videos – Day 31

  1. Good one to end the month on 🙂

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  2. Laura Beth says:

    This was such a fun challenge! I feel the same way about the Romantic Movies – I have enough to do a second round. Maybe later this year.

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    • kristianw84 says:

      Oh yeah, I felt that way about that too. I have so many more ideas. Movies & music by the decade. Underrated movies, inspirational tunes, best comedies, etc….. Neil and I are thinking of starting a podcast!!


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