It’s Friday, I’m a Nerd!

Don’t lie, you sang that title, didn’t you?

Let me start by saying that the past two weeks have been absolutely crazy!! Like, make me lose my mind, I shouldn’t have to remind people to be nice, I don’t know what’s going on…….. crazy!!



  • Three of the closest people to me have all had people from their past pop out of nowhere, bringing up past demons that they thought they buried years ago.
  • One of my staff members who is usually really good at her job has been slipping with not submitting reports on time, her data is months behind, and she’s been acting really peculiar. Like 51 going on 15 peculiar. Is she having a mid-life crisis? I don’t know, but her petty, teenage behavior, like slamming doors and blaring music in her office, is really starting to get on my nerves, and she’s causing problems with the rest of the staff, and we just can’t have that. I’m worried about her, honestly, but she’s been reprimanded by our immediate supervisor and all that did was start World War III. Needless to say, she’s not happy, and I think we’re going to have an open position we’ll be hiring for soon!
  • Then today, I had a client come in because she gave a woman at a floral shop her Social Security number over the phone!! Never EVER give ANYONE your social over the phone! And then she starts talking about how big brother was hacking her phone line and listening in on her conversations, and how she got a parasite even though she never leaves her house, and the doctors told her she has shingles, but she knows that’s not true, and various other nonsense. Okay, I shouldn’t say nonsense. I believe that the poor woman truly believes these things are happening to her, and I feel bad for her, she needs psychological help, but I’m not a therapist, and I have no right to tell her that’s what she needs.


I’m just baffled. I can’t wrap my head around any of it, but I sure do hope it gets resolved soon!

mind blown


In addition to thanking the good lord for Friday, I also want to thank Him for coffee and good friends!


Everyone of my mornings start with a cup of coffee, or two, sometimes the entire pot….

This morning also started with silly Snapchats with the bestie in Arizona!! She and I are both very silly, but I love that about us!! It makes my day, and when I get them in the morning, that’s an added bonus!


If you would like some random silliness in your life, and you have Snapchat, feel free to add me! @kweigman84

Be prepared for some off the wall stuff though. I like to watch the news with Snapchat filters because it makes watching it much more pleasant. I’ll do something silly and instantly have to tell people. I laugh a lot, so sometimes I can’t control my laughter, I haven’t learned how to master that yet. Maybe I need to take The Subtle Art of Controlling Your Laughter 101. Sometimes it becomes a war of silly face photo-shoots, whatever it is, you can guarantee it will be silly. And sometimes I feel like a teenager using it, but ya know what, it brings me joy, and life needs to be filled with more joy than sorrow, so I grasp onto those things that make my soul happy!

Speaking of which, have I ever told you about my love for cotton candy?

cotton candy

I hope all of you are having or have had an amazing Friday!

Love & life lessons,


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11 Responses to It’s Friday, I’m a Nerd!

  1. The Eclectic Contrarian says:

    People like to keep you on your toes!

    Liked by 2 people

    • kristianw84 says:

      Yeah well, they can get over themselves!!! I can’t stand this need for attention. Can’t we all just do our jobs and get along? She’s jealous because she thinks the boss favors me. She really doesn’t. We work closely because I’m 2nd in command. We are both in charge of grants, reports, etc… it’s the position, it has nothing to do with me personally. Plus, she’s 51. What is this need for popularity? Good grief, it’s driving me crazy…it’s gotten so bad that I find myself hoping she does quit.

      And as for everyone else? Were there two full moons this month or something? Is it in the water? Where are these weird human behaviors coming from, and why is it happening all at once?!?!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Nova says:

    Great post darling!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tony Burgess says:

    I prefer to have full frontal nerdity and high function geekery. Or somethiing like that.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Laura Beth says:

    Your poor thing! I hope, for your sake, something improves SOON!

    Liked by 1 person

    • kristianw84 says:

      Thank you! Me too!! I’ve decided to try my hardest not to let it get to me. I’m just going to be my happy self, do my job, & leave her be. Maybe she’ll come around, & if not, at least I know whatever issues she has with me are all in her head! Lol.


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