March Music Videos – Day 21

Welcome back!

I chose today’s choice for the artistic genius! Oh the times before CGI really took off. I appreciate the talent that went into movies & music videos like this one. There’s a certain charm that CGI just doesn’t have. Not to get all philosophical (but I’m going to,) it goes back to time. Just think about the amount of time that goes into claymation and motion capture, the talent and patience it takes just to make a 5 minute and 45 second video. I appreciate truly appreciate the talent and artistry. Plus! It’s a great song.

For your listening and viewing pleasure, I give you…..

Day 21:

Sledgehammer – Peter Gabriel


Love & life lessons,


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2 Responses to March Music Videos – Day 21

  1. The Eclectic Contrarian says:

    The turkey dance.. genius 👍🏻

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