Love & The Country #22 – Baltimore Memories

Have you ever had one of those moments where you know in an instant that this will become a memory that will forever stay etched in your mind?

I had one of those moments yesterday. We are visiting family in Baltimore, and I was sitting at the dinner table, surrounded by some of my favorite people on the planet. We were listening to Grandma discuss her whale watching adventures, (something I have always wanted to do,) when my cousin, Paul, started freaking out about how he wouldn’t want a whale to come so close to the boat because it could kill him. Grandma explains that they are gentle giants and continues to explain the reasons why he wouldn’t die. Paul interrupts her and Grandma, slams her hand on the table, gives him the stink eye and says “Did you hear a period at the end of that sentence?” Bahahaha. I completely lost it. I’m talking, grabbing my stomach, leaning back in my chair, boisterous laughter emitting from my mouth.

I looked at Paul and said, “Dude, you just got burned by Grandma.”

It may be one of those things that you just had to be there for, but I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard. Caitlyn and I were hiding out faces in the sleeves of our hoodies to try and keep from laughing minutes after the event happened. I love those moments, surrounded by family, laughing so hard my cheeks hurt and my abs feel like I just did a bunch of sit-ups.

I meant to take photos of us, but I was so lost in conversations, planning our next get together (Stranger Things Marathon in July!) Possibly a trip in April to see the new Avengers movie, I was so lost in the moment that before I knew it we were saying our goodbyes to Caitlyn and Paul and wishing Caitlyn the happiest of birthdays (her birthday is tomorrow,) that I didn’t realize I failed to take photos until after they had left, sometimes those are the best moments though, the ones that we fail to capture because we are entirely caught up in the moment, no television, no electronics, no phones, just us, the table before us, the laughter between us, and the love that surrounds us.

I can’t wait till I can use “Did you hear a period at the end of that sentence?.”

Wishing you all a great weekend, filled with laughter and forever etched memories.


Love & life lessons,


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2 Responses to Love & The Country #22 – Baltimore Memories

  1. Laura Beth says:

    What a wonderful memory!

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