The One

First of all, I’d like to give a shout out to the lovely Laura Beth at Hot Shot Headlines and thank her for participating in the Tell The Story Challenge.

Click on the link, for Laura Beth’s Prompt

I saw the photo I chose for the prompt on Pinterest, and the moment I saw it I knew I had to save it to my “Michael and Cara,” board. I am seriously addicted to this couple. I felt inspired to write a story as well, but I knew it would be an injustice to my favorite created couple if I didn’t use them in the prompt. I ended up liking it so much that I decided to incorporate it into my novel, but I still wanted to share it with you.

So without further ado, I give you:

The One

dancing couple

Cara threw the shirt over her head and grunted as she walked back to her closet to find a suitable top for today’s event.

“Sweetheart?” Michael yelled as he walked in the house.

“In the bedroom,” Cara replied.

Michael walked in their shared bedroom to find his bra and blue jean clad girlfriend staring into the closet with her hands placed on her hips. He chuckled as he noticed the random dresses and tops strewn about the room.

He walked up behind her, slid one arm around her waist and pulled down a black turtle neck sweater with the other. “I love you in this.”

She smiled at him as she took the sweater from his hands. “Thank you.”

He kissed her chastely, “Of course, but you have nothing to worry about, they’re going to love you.”

She pulled the sweater over her head and checked herself out in the mirror before fiddling with a piece of stray hair. “Mom’s are protective of their boys.”

“You’re funny, sweet, charming, and you love me,” he said, pausing to kiss her on the cheek. “She’s going to love you.”

“And your dad?” She asked.

“You’re a baseball fan. That alone gets you an in with my father.”

She chuckled. “I hope you’re right.”

“Baby girl, how could they not love you?”


Michael, being the true gentleman that he was, opened Cara’s car door for her. She took his hand and held it all the way to the door. Michael stepped in the house. “Hello,” he called out. Michael’s mom, Paige came running out of the kitchen, wiping her hands on a tea towel before throwing her arms around her son and enveloping him in a big, bear hug. Michael let go of Cara’s hand so he could hug his mom back with just as much enthusiasm.

Cara found the entire scene endearing, she couldn’t help the smile that crossed her face as Paige let go of her son and turned her gaze towards her. She stepped closer and hugged Cara tightly. “It’s so nice to finally meet you,” she said.

“It’s so nice to finally meet you too,” Cara replied.

Paige turned to Michael, while still holding onto Cara’s arms. “She’s so pretty.”

Michael nodded in agreement.

Cara blushed. “Thank you,” she said shyly.

Michael didn’t understand how it was possible to fall more in love with her, but he found her reaction utterly adorable and he couldn’t help his poor heart from beating faster.

Michael’s father, Jason, also hugged the both of them before retreating to the kitchen where dinner awaited them,

The conversation over dinner was much like any first time gathering, talk of Michael as a young boy, Cara talking about her line of work as a lobbyist for non-profit agencies, and updates on what’s going on In Michael’s world,, besides his love life.

After diner everyone retreated to the living where it was a bit more comfortable. Jason turned on the local college basketball game while Cara walked past a bookcase with a picture that caught her eye. She walked over to it to get a closer look. Paige had spotted the picture and walked over next to Cara, picking up the framed photograph and handing it to her.

Cara turned to Michael, “You didn’t tell me you played baseball in college,” she said.

“I played baseball in college,” he retorted.

She rolled her eyes at him.

Paige laughed, taking the picture from her and placing it back in its original spot on the bookshelf.

“He was quite good,” she stated.

“Really?” Cara asked.

“Best on the team,” Jason replied, “.278 batting average.”

“Wow.” Cara was impressed. She sat next to him on the couch. “I didn’t realize you were so good.”

“I was alright.”

“Don’t be so modest.”

“There are better batters than me.”

“That doesn’t make you any less amazing.”

He kissed her hand. “You’re going to give me an ego boost, ya know.”

“Nothing wrong with that.” she paused briefly, licking her lips. “I would have loved to have seen you in that uniform. You looked so handsome.”

Paige looked at Jason, “There is something about a man in a baseball uniform that drives us women crazy.”

“You played too?” Cara asked.

“Yes, ma’am. I was pretty darn good too.”

“Pretty good?” Michael scoffed. “ He set 13 baseball records at Louisville, AND…. he was rated one of the top 10 athletes in the entire state of Kentucky,” he said proudly.

Cara crossed the room and shook his hand “I didn’t realize I was in the presence of such a legend. It’s an honor to meet you sir.”

At the moment, Paige and Jason knew their son had met “the one.”


After dessert, Michael and Cara bid their goodbyes and headed home. Michael came around to open Cara’s door, but when he offered his hand to help her out of the car, he didn’t let go after shutting the passenger side door. Instead, he pulled her closer to him and kissed her, passionately, slipping one hand around her back and pushing her further into him, while the other slipped in his pocket to pull out his phone. He played Ben E King’s “Stand by Me,” placing the phone on the hood of the car before swaying Cara around the driveway. The two of them danced into the yard, it was a cool, early fall night, the sun had set, but it wasn’t fully dark, the horizon was still dimly lit with shades of yellow and orange, the fireflies were dancing around the trees and Cara felt elated as Michael never took his eyes off of her. She returned her gaze to his and became lost his golden brown orbs. Michael drew her closer, savoring the moment.

He was going to wait until Christmas to ask her, when they would be surrounded by their family and friends to help them celebrate, but as he looked into her eyes and saw his future, he decided that right now was as good a time as any.

When the song ended he grabbed his phone, taking a selfie of the two of them, with the fireflies lighting up the background. He looked at her, sliding the phone back into his pocket before placing her face in his hands and kissing her softly. He rested his forehead against hers. “I’m so in love with you,” he whispered.

She started to say I love you too, but he placed a finger to her lips to stop her. He ran his thumb gingerly along her bottom lip before speaking. “I knew the moment I meant you at Traders coffee shop that there was something special about you. I never knew I could love a sound until I heard you laugh. Lord, woman, that laugh. I used that corny pick up line and you leaned your head back, your laugh, so real and contagious, I knew it then.”

“Knew what?”

He pulled the black, velvet box out of his pocket, he always carried it with him just in case. He got down on one knee, opened the box, and held it up to Cara. “That one day I would ask you to be my wife.”

Tears streamed down Cara’s face as she cupped her hands over her mouth. She noticed the worried expression on Michael’s face as she remained silent before pulling him up, wrapping her arms around his neck, and exclaiming “YES!”

He sighed a breath of relief as he took the diamond ring out of the box and slid it on her finger.

She held out her sleeve to him, “Feel my shirt.”

He did as requested with a sly smirk on his face.

“Know what that’s made out of?”

“What?” He asked, knowing where she was going with this.

“wife material.”

He rolled his eyes before tickling her sides, running after her as she rushed in the house to get away from him. He tackled her to the floor and straddled her, tickling her sensitive skin until she begged for mercy. He kissed her, passionately before pulling her up, taking her in his arms, and continuing to dance the night away in celebration.

Kristian L. Weigman

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  1. Sadje says:

    A lovely story.

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  2. Laura Beth says:

    I love this! I can’t get enough!

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