Romantic Movies – Day 25

Day 25

Music and Lyrics


This movie didn’t receive the highest ratings, but I found it to be a light & fun romantic comedy. Hugh Grant plays a washed up singer who hasn’t had a gig since the 80’s. He gets the opportunity to write lyrics for a new & upcoming artist, however; he’s not a lyricist. His housekeeper (Barrymore) has a way with words, so he talks her into collaborating with him, and he begins to fall for her.

I’m such a sap. I love the cheesy songs, I love the levity between Grant & Barrymore’s characters. It’s a fun little film, but it’s another one that requires dancing shoes.


Love & life lessons,


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3 Responses to Romantic Movies – Day 25

  1. Laura Beth says:

    Drew Barrymore is amazing!

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