Romantic Movies – Day 24

Day 24:

The Wedding Singer


This movie became a staple at high school sleepovers, & I love 90’s Adam Sandler. This movie has everything: romance, comedy, drama, and music!!

I also really like Drew Barrymore. She struggled with being a childhood actress, (she was adorable in ET.) Like a lot of celebrities she dabbled with drugs and alcohol in her adolescence. She overcame her addictions though, & now she’s a mother, focusing more on her family than work, which is why you dont see too much of her any more, but she still acts once in a while. I admire her for that!

Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore are another one of those couples with great chemistry, we see them together again in “50 First Dates.”

If you haven’t seen this movie, I recommend it. I’ll share my favorite song from the film.

Awww!!! I just love movies where the Male part of the species serenades the female part of the species (bonus points if you know that reference,) to win her over. It melts my heart Every. Single. Time. I’m writing this with a smile on my face because I feel so giddy!

I hope it makes you feel giddy too!

Love & life lessons,


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11 Responses to Romantic Movies – Day 24

  1. Tony Burgess says:

    I love this movie. Sandler and Barrymore are iconic.

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  2. The Eclectic Contrarian says:

    I’ve always thought she was pretty.

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  3. kkatch22 says:

    I love that movie! Loved 50 First Dates as well

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  4. Every Julia I knew became Julia Gulia after this!

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  5. Laura Beth says:

    Fantastic movie!!!!! One of my favorites.

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