Weird Dreams

Lately, I have been having these very strange, reoccurring dreams about a post apocalyptic world. Mostly, I walk around, Michonne style, cutting heads off of zombies with my sword.


Sometimes the zombies take a liking to me, and I sit down and have tea with them before they meet their horrific, final death. I’m not sure if this makes me badass or just plain evil!! Lol.

The few survivors and I that are left drove around in tanks and gathered supplies and ammunition. I’m also super smart in my dreams. So far I’ve made my own medicine out of random dried herbs, one of which happened to be cannabis, and all of us got extremely high one night. We put on a vinyl record of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and danced around with glow sticks! We have electricity because I “MacGyvered it and built a bunch of generators out of car batteries, fans, solar powered gears, & Duct Tape. I’m tellin’ ya guys, I’m a flippin’ genius! Lol.  We all live in the house from Sabrina The Teenage Witch Series (The one with Melissa Joan Hart.) This is the second time I’ve dreamed about that house. I really do like it!

The weird part though is that Big Bird ALWAYS makes an appearance. Yes, you read that right, I mean that really tall, yellow feathered bird from Sesame Street.

big bird

In the very first dream I had a few friends and I were walking down the street and we see Big Bird running in the opposite direction, he was being chased by the police. The apocalypse hadn’t really happened yet, weird things were starting to happen, like birds flying south in the middle of summer, strange noises coming from satellite dishes, and rapid spreading diseases. He also partook in the cannabis smoking and walked around saying “Today’s letter is Z, Z is for Zombies.” He was really paranoid too, so I smacked him in the face with a frying pan so he would stop getting on my nerves. I’m telling you guys, dream Kristian is ruthless! Lol.

I’ve caught him peeking into my bedroom window at night, and he has also taken part in an act of voyeurism. That’s all I’m going to say about that! I hate it though, because it taints my childhood! Seriously, what is wrong with my brain?!?!

Anyway, it’s getting disturbing now and I hope by sharing these dreams with you that maybe they’ll go away! Here’s hoping!

What strange dreams have you had?

Love & life lessons,


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9 Responses to Weird Dreams

  1. I have had dreams of flying and then I get scared as I am doing it. I think it is weird how we can feel while we dream. Nice post! 😊

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  2. The Eclectic Contrarian says:

    Several dreams about the Loch Ness monster. I fought dragons. A lizard humanoid creature with a tail of long colorful feathers. Weird 😳😳😳 dreams. I’ve visited the same places in my dreams sometimes. Being underwater and surprised I could breath. I’ve heard some great songs in my dreams that I haven’t heard anywhere else. Etc…

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  3. Laura Beth says:

    So strange! No judgment, of course. Big Bird is one of my favorite characters, so I think I’d be pretty freaked out!

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