Soulful Sunday Songs #2

I find myself getting lost in music a lot lately. It’s always been something I cling to, but I tend to listen to music a lot, while I write, drive, clean, meditate, not often, but sometimes while I’m falling asleep, while I relax in the Jacuzzi, while I’m taking a shower, while I cook. I just love music!

The first song I heard from John Mayer is “Your body is a Wonderland,”  and while I do like the song, it didn’t really speak to me, it was just another pop song that sounded similar to every other pop song, and I never paid much attention to John Mayer, and then I watched a television program that showed his performance from his “Keep Me Where The Light is” tour and I heard his song “Gravity.” Oh that guitar spoke to me and moved me, and I’ve been hooked ever since. There are so many songs that I love by this man, and his guitar skills are phenomenal, especially when he plays the blues.

Today’s song is from his album, “Battle Studies,” and it’s called “Edge of Desire.”


Love & Life lessons,


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