For My Brokenhearted Friends

bandaged heart

Tell me what you’re feeling

Is it beauty that you crave?

I can’t give that to you,

beauty has never fallen on my mane.

What are you searching for, my friend,

Someone who can give you the world?

I can’t give that to you.

My heart can’t handle so much hate.

Do you strive for something deeper,

a soul like yours, perhaps?

My words have spoke of our bond,

go back and read them again.

My heart is broken that yours is.

I hear and feel your pain.

I don’t have much to give you,

I’m just a mere, broken shell.

If you want someone who’ll listen,

someone who understands.

I’ll sit under the stars and lend my ear

it’s the best I can give, dear friend.

Tell me what you’re feeling.

Are you in need of a soul filled with compassion?

If you can look past the holes and scars

my heart and soul are yours, make of them what you will.

Or seek beauty in others,

it’s alright, I understand.

But if you’re looking for something real,

I’m offering all that I am.


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10 Responses to For My Brokenhearted Friends

  1. Insane Roots says:

    Beautiful ❀️

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  3. You’ve been there for me…thank you πŸ™‚

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  4. The Eclectic Contrarian says:


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  5. A Man Deep says:

    This is so beautiful and pure. 😊😊 Thank you.

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