Soulful Sunday #7 – Behind a Name


Just only Kristian. No makeup, no filters, just me.

Growing up my friend, Ashley and I would search for songs with our names in the title. There’s so many songs with names, Amanda, Donna, Maggie May, just to name a few…

We struggled to find any with Ashley or Kristen (My name is pronounced Kristen, for those of you who may not know.) Ashley found her song by a band called Escape The Fate, this was probably 5 years ago, give or take, but I still keep searching, to no avail! Come on people, someone write a song titled Kristin, Kristen, Christen, Khristyn, or Kristian. Lol, I’m not picky!

Today’s self-discovery question is:

Do you like your name? Do you think there’s another name that suits you?

  • I love my name! There’s a whole story behind my name, which I think is pretty cool! My mom wanted to name me Joanna so she could call my brother (Jason) & I Jay & Jo. Well, he married a woman named Jonet, so now they are Jay & Jo, which I find adorable!! My grandmother, however; didn’t like the name Joanna, so then my mom thought of Lauren, after my father, Lawrence. Grandma didn’t like that either, grandma didn’t like any name my mother came up with, and my mom grew frustrated at this. She and my dad discussed it and decided that my middle name would be Lorraine, after my grandmother, Dorothea Lorraine, but to include my brother who was used to being an only child for almost 11 years, he would be the one to give me my first name. She explained this to my grandmother and told her as long as Jason didn’t come up with something crazy, they were going to go with whatever he chose, and so, he chose Kristian. The spelling used to bug me, and I thought of legally changing it so many times, but it’s unique, just like me! I have mentioned my brother many times, he and I are extremely close, and I think it’s only fitting that he gave me my name. It makes it all the more special, he was the first person I held my arms out to,  he was the first man I looked up to, (other than my father,) and  he was my first best friend!
  • As far as another name that suits me, I’m not sure. I think that’s a better question for all of you. I have asked friends and family members this question, and the only person who has been able to give me an answer is Amanda’s husband Adam, who said I could pass as a Lucy! She has a song too,” Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds.” What do you think, is there another name that suits me?

What about you? Do you like your name? Is there another name you think suits you?

Love & life lessons,




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13 Responses to Soulful Sunday #7 – Behind a Name

  1. The Eclectic Contrarian says:

    I was named after my dad. I did a little research on my name… actually pretty interesting!

    And I’m still not convinced you can take a bad picture…

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  2. That is cool that your brother named you. I’m not really sure who named me. I know my middle name, Lee, is now a fourth generation thing as I named my son Brandon Lee. He hates it because his initials are a sandwich 😂 But I’ve never really like the name Stuart. But it’s mine and I have had one woman say it with such love and tenderness that it made me forget that I didn’t like it.

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  3. My brother has a middle name of Nigel because I insisted.
    He justifiably hates me!

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  4. Kristen says:

    I hear ya, as a fellow “Kristen”… souvenir shops were never nice when it came to personalized gifts. All of my sisters could usually find their names, but not me. In a way, though, it was nice to have a name that wasn’t super popular. Mom named me after the character “Kristin” on the TV show Dallas, that was ever so popular in the 80s. 😀
    Did Jason ever say where he got your name?

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    • kristianw84 says:

      Hello, Kristen!!
      Yeah, I’ve never found my name in any souvenir shops either. Jason just said he liked the name “Kristin,” and my mom chose the spelling after Kristian Alfonso who plays Hope on Days of Our Lives. I’ve wondered if Jason had a crush on a girl named “Kristin,” though. Ha ha.


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