Love & The Country #12 – Rose Terrace

There is a homeless shelter located in the same building where I work, called Rose Terrace, and every morning, like clockwork, comes a man down the hall who lives in Rose Terrace. Not that there is anything wrong with that, he’s fallen on some hard times and is trying to better himself, and I commend him for it. As I’ve mentioned before, I know we’re all guilty of judging others, but I really try not to. We’re human, we all make mistakes, and Lord knows I’m not perfect, far from it. However, this particular man greets me every single morning, and I always smile and tell him hello. At first, he teased me for not being very talkative, so I would hold up my coffee cup and respond “My apologies, I just haven’t had enough of this glorious liquid yet.”

He roams the halls every day, and catches me as I’m constantly walking between offices, making copies, faxing, or just taking a break from sitting and staring at a computer screen, and every single time he stops and says “Fancy meeting you here,” or “Look at us, running into each other again.”

I so badly want to say, “Dude, you literally live in the same place I work, it is not that uncommon for us to keep running into one another, and of course, I see you every day!!”

After months, and I literally mean months, I’m growing tired of it.

Have you ever had someone utter a statement so completely obvious that you just stare at them, your mind unable to come up with something witty or even coherent for that matter, and you know you must have an expression that reads “Are you really that stupid?” written across your face?

Again, I mean no judgement towards the man, but I can’t help the first thoughts that pop into my mind.

This time, he catches me in the parking lot, and he says to me “I think it might rain today.” I looked around, and looked back at him, and looked around again. It has literally been raining for the past 3 days, no joke. And, ANNNDDD….. It was literally raining at the time he mentioned that it looked like it might rain! <—– He wasn’t being sarcastic, either.


Now, he comes into my office, and even my colleagues are growing annoyed at his attempt to try and flirt with me.

Ugh, I hate this. All I was doing was trying to be nice to the guy, and engage him in conversation….. I suck at small talk, I thought maybe that would scare him away, but to no avail.

The other day, my boss asked me why he comes in to the office every day, and I brushed it off,

“Oh, you know, he comes in to discuss XYZ with Joseph.”

“No, he comes in every day to see you, you understand that right?”

I sigh, “Nothing gets past you, does it, Jennifer?”

So now I’ve been giving him a hard time and just simply asking “May I help you?” without cracking a smile or wishing him a good morning or anything.

And his response?

“We have to stop meeting like this, people are going to start talking.”

REALLY?!! Yeah, they’re going to say “Why don’t you go back to Rose Terrace and leave the poor girl alone so she can do her job!!!!”

Lol. Any thoughts? What should I do?!!! What would you do?

Love & life lessons,


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17 Responses to Love & The Country #12 – Rose Terrace

  1. The Eclectic Contrarian says:

    There’s such a thing as niceties. But if he’s interfering with your job and to the point it affects your performance, I do believe it’s time for higher action.

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  2. I think you just need to say I’m working and you’re interrupting me. You don’t have to say any more than that and DONT say ‘I’m sorry but’ because that implies you don’t mind but that you HAVE to say it. It’s hard to hurt people’s feelings, I’d hate this too and I’m very guilty of the ‘Im sorry but’ stuff which is how I know it just gives a further excuse. If you don’t engage in conversation about whys and when’s he can’t twist it into it’s okay to do something else instead. I don’t think you e done anything wrong, it’s just some people can sense a sucker quicker than a cat spots a mouse!

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  3. Laura Beth says:

    You can do it! Stand up for yourself.

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