The Cadillac Lounge – Part 7

cadillac lounge

Welcome back!

If you missed parts 1-6, you can read them in the links below:

The Cadillac Lounge

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Part Seven:

Weeks had passed and so had Thanksgiving. Lorraine felt the need to fly out and spend a few weeks with her parents, it had been a while since she had seen them, and she makes the effort to fly out a couple times of year, especially since her sisters passing.

Dean couldn’t come with her. He couldn’t get the time off of work, and he didn’t want to miss his new nephew’s first Thanksgiving. He misses her like crazy and has been pacing back and forth at the airport, he was a little nervous as he had a surprise waiting for her at home. He cursed mother nature for the 2 hour thunderstorm delay, 2 more unbearable hours was all he had to wait.

It wasn’t that Lorraine wasn’t missing Dean, she had even cried a few nights ago, after getting into a disagreement with her mom, and once again, left feeling small and unimportant, all she wanted was his arms around her, but time was not dragging for her right now, you see, she was lost in a book, growing more and more attached to a certain Scottish fellow.

When she finally arrived at baggage claim, Dean was there, waiting on her. She ran into his arms and he held onto her tightly. “I missed you so much.” He whispered into her ear.

She kisses him, sweetly, “I missed you too, Dean.”

Still affected by the sound of his name falling from her lips, he pulled her into another hug, before grabbing her luggage and escorting her to the car.

The car ride back to his house only took about half an hour and was filled with stories of her trip and Dean laughed as Lorraine did impressions of her mom explaining to her how “WD-40” literally works for everything. “I’m telling you, Dean. She was just like the dad in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, just with “WD-40″ instead of “Windex!”

Dean chuckles at her. “You’re so cute when you’re flustered, my dear.”

“I’m glad I can be of amusement to you, love.” she chided, playfully.

Dean adores the many sides of her, every single one of her depths and layers, but this, her playful, giddy behavior, is by far, one of his favorites. She’s just so much fun!


Dean, once again grabs her bags, and escorts her to the front door. He opens the door for her, and she is greeted with an entire entry way full of sunflowers, and a banner that reads “Welcome Home!”

She turns on her heel, wrapping her arms around his neck as he drops her bags on the floor. “You really outdid yourself.”

“I’m only just beginning, love.”

She smiled widely up at him. “How did I get so lucky?”

“How many times do I have to tell you, I’m the lucky one?”

He takes off her coat, “Will you stay here with me tonight?” He asks as he hangs up her coat before turning around slowly, waiting for her answer.

“Yes,” she replies, trying not to sound too excited as the butterflies in her stomach start to flutter.

“Let me take these upstairs for you,” he says as he picks up her suitcases. “Make yourself at home, and then I’ll be back to show you what’s next.”

Lorraine sat at his kitchen island, stretching out her long, legging clad legs. She felt both elated and jet lagged, she rubs the back of her neck until she feels a strong hand replacing hers. “You look beautiful and tired instead of just beautiful.” He says as he massages her neck and shoulders, rubbing out all of the knots.

She moans/ innocently, in appreciation, as she feels the stress of travel and the past three weeks leave her body. “Thank you.”

“My pleasure, love.” He says before kissing her, slowly and passionately, seconds turn into minutes as they reacquaint themselves with the others taste.

“I”m making one of your favorite meals for dinner.”

“Oh, which one?” She asks.

Steak Oscar,” he replies as he pulled out the ingredients, before grabbing a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon and pouring them each a glass.

“It’s not even my birthday!” She exclaims.

He chuckles at her enthusiasm. “I don’t need a reason to pamper the woman I love, do I?”

She settles down at the dining room table sitting across from him. She smiles at him as she notices the mozzarella in her caprese salad is shaped into hearts. She praises his cooking skills, and Dean talks of his nephew and shows her all of the pictures that he hadn’t already sent to her. She is in awe of how close he was with his family, and how much adoration he has for the people he choses to let himself get close to, and there wasn’t too many people who could find their way to his heart, which made her feel pretty special.

She helps him clean up from dinner, even though he tries to protest, she wins him over by convincing him the task will go by quicker if they do it together.

Dean starts the dishwasher, tells Alexa to play Lorraine’s playlist and grabs her as soon as Ed Sheeran’s Dive starts to play. “I just want to hold you close and dance with you.”

She places her head on his chest, one of her arms wrapped around his muscular waist as her opposite hand holds his own. She sighed contently as he kisses the top of her head.

“Be my baby?” He asks for the hundredth time,

“I’ve been yours since that night at the Cadillac Lounge,” she responds, just the way she always does.

She looks up at him, and his heart swells with more love than he has ever felt. It’s terrifying, how quickly he has fallen for her, but there was no turning back now, she is his, and he is just as every bit hers.

“How is it possible that you get more beautiful with each passing day?” He asks her.

“And you said you can write better than you speak.”

“If you think that’s good, wait till you read my latest email.” He winks before dipping her.

She chuckles. “How are you so perfect?”

“I’ve told you, far from it, love. You just haven’t seen the bad sides of me yet.”

“I know I’m going to love those sides too.”

“You’ll be the first,” he replies before kissing her gently.

Soft kisses turn to passionate ones, still hands start to roam, familiarizing each other with the others skin, and she feels him smirk against her lips as the music changes to Gary Clark Jr.’s “Our Love, knowing what that guitar does to her.

Dean pulls abruptly away from her lips. Confusion etched upon her beautiful features, he stroks her face reassuringly.

“I want to make love to you.”

She raises an eyebrow at him, licks her upper teeth, and flashes him the most seductively, sly smile she can muster,

“What are you waiting for?”

To be continued…

Note:  I claim all content as my own personal work. Any & all rights belong solely to Kristian L. Cosner Weigman. Any and all use of this work without my permission is strictly prohibited
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