The Cadillac Lounge – Part 6

cadillac lounge

Welcome back!

If you missed parts 1-5, you can read them in the links below:

The Cadillac Lounge


Part six

Noticing her turntable, impressed that it was hooked up to speakers. “Most people just hook it up to their wireless ones.” He said pointing to the turn table and the wireless speakers on the wall..

:”Yes, well if I wanted a digital sound, than what would be the point of even having a turn table?” She smiled at him, taking no offense.

He was actually a little stunned by her response. A passionate side of her he’s witnessing for the first time, and falling even more in love with. “Will it ever stop?” He thought to himself.

“Touche,” he responded.

He had found the album he had been looking for, he knew she had it, because he was with her when she bought it, and she wouldn’t shut up about the song “Might As Well Dance.” What she didn’t know was that later that same day he went back and bought the album too, and learned exactly what line on the vinyl had that song and marked the placement. She hadn’t seen him slip it past her, pretending he was pulling hers out of her collection, when he was really pulling his own.

Needless to say she was stunned when she heard the start of her new favorite song! She stared at him wide-eyed.

He couldn’t help but chuckle at her reaction, “I wanted to impress you.”

Her heart melted and she placed her hand over her heart, trying so hard to fight back tears. “You paid attention, and took an interest in something I liked?”

“Yeahhh….. “ he said, drawing out the word as if his actions weren’t a big deal.

She could no longer hold back her tears at the realization.

“Oh, love. Did I say something wrong?” He asked, concern written on his features.

“No, no. You’re prefect.” She said, pulling him closer by his shirt, placing her fists  on his chest.”Why are you so perfect?”

He pushed her shoulders back so he could look at her. He flashed her a confused look.

“I love you.”

He let out a small “oh,” in realization of what she meant, but also took a sigh of relief that his doubts of her wanting him weren’t true. “You feel guilty.”

She nodded in response.

He pulled her into a hug and kissed the top of her head. “Oh, darling, wouldn’t he want you to be happy?”

“Yes,” she sighed into his chest.”

“Don’t you think if he could pick out a man, he’d give you one that knew how to take care of you, and would love doing so?”

She moved back so she could look at him as she realized he had said possibly the most beautiful sentence she had ever heard.

He smiled at her, grabbing her “Game of Thrones” blanket off the back of her couch. “I read that it’s supposed to be a clear night tonight, I thought we could stargaze.

“Why do you have to be so perfect?” she asked again.

“Far from it,” he said before chastely kissing her as he made his way past her.

She grabbed some wine and cheese before joining him on the patio.

They nestled together in her Adirondack chair, making it perfect for stargazing since it leans back so far,

“I hope you don’t mind this too much, but I just want to spend the rest of tonight getting to know you better.”

She smiled at him, bringing his palm to her lips and kissing it. “Of course, I don’t mind. That sounds like the perfect end to this already perfect evening.”

He kisses her cheek, “You’re the one who’s perfect.”

“Far from it.”

He pulls her closer towards him and plays with her hair as she points out planets, constellations, satellites, and shooting stars. He realizes that she is never going to cease to amaze him.

They talk for hours about their childhoods, favorite memories, he tells her how he was almost arrested as a rebellious teenager. She told him about how her friends in college nicknamed her grace because of her lack there of. They shared lots of laughter and even a few tears as they both started feeling more and more comfortable with each other, and able to share their pain.

“May I tell you something I’ve never told anyone before?” She asks him.

“Of course, my dear.”

“I loved my husband, I really, really did, I still do. “ She paused. “But he wasn’t perfect. He had an affair.” She looked up at him though her lashes, tear drops falling from them.

His heart broke for her as she released the pain she had been holding onto for far too long. “I flew to Seattle to spend two months with my sister, who had just been diagnosed with cancer. So while I was literally holding my sisters hand while she died, he was screwing the new neighbor.”

Deans own eyes teared up as he wondered how anyone could do such a thing to someone so amazing.

“ He swore he would never do it again, and I forgave him, and I do believe that he never did it again, but he always wondered why I never felt like I was good enough.”

“Why didn’t you?”

“Because when I asked him if he even thought of me, he said no.” “I wasn’t even a blip on his radar.” She moved her body so that she was completely laying on her side, her head propped up by her elbow. She gazes into his dark eyes for a few seconds before continuing, “I just want to be somebody’s blip.”

“Oh, darling,” he kissed her so gently, she couldn’t remember anyone kissing her so delicately before. He stroked her hair and gazed adoringly into her eyes.“You. are. my blip.”

To be continued…

Note:  I claim all content as my own personal work. Any & all rights belong solely to Kristian L. Cosner Weigman. Any and all use of this work without my permission is strictly prohibited
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9 Responses to The Cadillac Lounge – Part 6

  1. What a wonderful beginning for their first night together. So important just spending quality time together and learning of each other!

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  2. The Eclectic Contrarian says:

    Ah! You’ve got skills! I have tried to think up a plot, characters and all this sort of thing before, but it’s just not my talent. You, on the other hand have it! Excellent work!

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