Soulful Sunday #6 – Might As Well Dance

Happy Sunday!!

I am so in love with Jason Mraz’s new album Know, and I just can’t get enough of the song, “Might As Well Dance.”


Image credit: Google Images

I synced my phone to my Buick Encore, put on this song, and headed down the road. I ignored the looks of passerbyers as I let loose and allowed the music to course through my veins, and allowed my body to naturally respond to it, well as best as I could sitting behind a wheel, anyway. I swayed my shoulders to the beat, tapped my thumbs along the steering wheel, and belted out the lyrics! It’s so freeing to allow myself to just be me! Life is short, so I’m learning to savor each moment.

I thought I would share this song, with you my friends, I’ll be dancing around my house while it plays, and I hope it brings you as much joy as it has given me.

Enjoy your Sunday!!

What about you? Are you a fool, such as I? If so, we might as well dance!!

Love & life lessons,


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