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For My Brokenhearted Friends

Tell me what you’re feeling Is it beauty that you crave? I can’t give that to you, beauty has never fallen on my mane. What are you searching for, my friend, Someone who can give you the world? I can’t … Continue reading

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  There is a lady I used to work with and when she retired I wrote in her card “How blessed am I to have known someone that makes saying goodbye so hard?” She hugged me and cried and told … Continue reading

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Looks can be misleading.If you were to ask my friend Amanda to describe me, she would tell you that I’m an angel. This is how she introduces me to people, “This is Kristian, she’s my angel.” To which I just … Continue reading

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Thank You Monday #16

Every Friday Jimmy Fallon writes ‘thank you” notes to random people or places. I have decided to take a spin on that, only my “thank you” notes will be sincere because I don’t  say thank you nearly enough to the … Continue reading

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Soulful Sunday #7 – Behind a Name

Growing up my friend, Ashley and I would search for songs with our names in the title. There’s so many songs with names, Amanda, Donna, Maggie May, just to name a few… We struggled to find any with Ashley or … Continue reading

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A Much Lighter Self Discovery Post

I’ve been feeling sort of blah after yesterdays post. I’ve shed many tears, allowed my anger to rip through my veins like the raged lioness it is. In addition to talking with a friend, which always puts a smile on … Continue reading

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Tomorrow Needs You

I missed Suicide Prevention day, which was September 10th, but this is still a subject that speaks to my heart and I wanted to share with you a Facebook post I came across that really, well to be completely honest, … Continue reading

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Forgiving Myself

Warning!!! This is a tough read, especially for those closest to me.  Please read at your own discretion. I have mentioned before that I have been on a self discovery mission, and while on this mission I sometimes find things … Continue reading

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The Moon And You

  The night and I have been friends for a long time. I sit beneath the moon and because it listens in ways that others fail, I speak of you.   Tyler Kent White speaks of quantum entanglement, how we … Continue reading

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An Excerpt

The other day I wrote about my writers block, well it finally broke, and now the words have just been pouring out of me, and I can’t stop writing!! (See, Winchester, I told you I was addicted to writing as … Continue reading

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