LB & K’s Blockbuster Challenge – Days 10 & 11

LB & K Blockbuster Challenge

Welcome back!

Day 10:

Worst book-to-movie adaptation?

The Giver

The Giver

I must say, I didn’t hate the movie, I’ve seen a lot of bad reviews of the movie from fans of the book, but I do agree that the movie does butcher the book a bit. I remember falling in the love this book the first time I read it. I believe I was around 11-years-old. The book focused much more about the adventures, and there was no love story. I love romance stories as much as the next gal, but I didn’t feel it was necessary with this story!

Day 11

Your top 5 favorite actors?

  1. Benedict Cumberbatch
  2. Johnny Depp
  3. Jack Nicholson
  4. Tom Hanks
  5. Tim Curry
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