Fiction Friday #2 Posted on a Saturday

I recently read a piece of advice that said “Whatever you’re most afraid to write, write that.” – Unknown.

For me, that thing has always been forbidden love. I have been wanting to write a story  like this for a while now, but in the past few days inspiration has really struck, and so I decided to write this piece. This may eventually be turned into a novel, I haven’t yet decided, but right now, I’m happy with it the way it is.

The only warning I have for this is some mild language and sexual content, please read at your own discretion.

I really hope you enjoy this, I personally think it’s one of the best stories, if not the best story I’ve ever written.

Love and life lessons,


The Pull

dancing in the rain

She couldn’t deny the pull she felt towards him, she wasn’t sure if it was the way he loved the moon, the rain, or music, all of the things she held dearest to her heart. Maybe it was the way he spoke to her, as if through words alone all he wanted to do was please her, or the way he always made sure that she was doing okay, quite the proper, English gentleman. Maybe it was the way he constantly talked about her eyes and her mind as if they were the most beautiful things on earth, he made her feel sexy and intelligent, he made her laugh with his cheesy jokes and pick up lines. Maybe it was the way he made her heart flutter, or the way she missed him while he was away. Whatever it was, she was overwhelmed by the way he reached in and grabbed a hold of her soul like no other man has, the way he ran his fingers down her spine, like she was an old, familiar book, and he opened her right up and now her words are as much a part of him as they are her.

Truth be told, she felt his pull the moment he first spoke to her, she soon found herself looking through his Instagram, hoping to catch glimpses of who he really is through pictures. One picture stopped her in her tracks, a picture of him wearing a goofy hat, and a goofy grin. She didn’t know anything about him, yet she could tell in that picture he was genuinely happy, she could see the way it shined in his eyes, his beautiful eyes that took her breath away. He had a habit of doing that a lot lately, taking her breath away with his words, and pictures, and brilliant mind. She laid in bed listening to the rain hit her metal roof, and she smiled as she thought of what it would be like to grab his hand and pull him out into the rain. She begs him to dance with her, and even though he says he doesn’t dance, he can’t resist her when she flashes him her “puppy dog” eyes. Though they have never met, she just knows her eyes are his weakness, and she knows the power she has over him with this knowledge, but she won’t ever abuse it, she will always use it playfully. She praises him with words and kisses before taking his hand and walking down a gravel road, feeling the rain cool their skin after a week long heat wave. She takes in the sight of the hills before them, and the exceptionally green grass that blankets them.

She wondered if he also shared her love for trees, the fact that some are the oldest, living objects on the planet.

He cracks jokes and playfully flirts just to hear her laugh, their eyes catch one another, hers twinkling with laughter, and his twinkling at the sight of her. He steps forward stroking the side of her face, and she leans into his touch, he gently stokes her cheekbone with his thumb and she slips her eyes closed.

No, darling, keep your eyes open for me,” he whispers.

The feel of his warm breath ghosting over her lips makes her shiver, and she immediately obeys. She makes eye contact with him once again, and smiles up at him and she watches  his pupils dilate with lust. She moans instinctively, feeling the tension grow between them, and that’s all it takes, he kisses her so passionately, and with so much want it makes her head spin. He somehow manages to will himself away from her lips and they both chuckle at the ridiculousness of two adults making out like teenagers, in the middle of the road, in the pouring rain, but neither of them care, let people talk all they want, they are finally, truly happy. He takes her hand and drags her along as he jogs back to the house. He pulls her inside, and pushes her up against the door as he shuts it, he literally cannot wait a second longer to touch her skin. One of his hands runs though her hair, grabbing a fistful as his other hand grabs her ass to pull her flush against him, letting her feel just how much he desires her. She wraps one of her small, dainty hands around his neck, while she loops a finger from her other hand through one of the belt loops of his jeans, pulling him even closer to her, simultaneously. She watches his eyes roam over her body,taking in the sight of the wet clothes clinging to her,hugging her curves. He kisses her again, a little more gently this time, but with just as much passion. He makes love to her right there, up against the door, pulling moans and curses from her lips.

She wondered, if she were his, would he praise her, tell her how beautiful she is as he traces the curves of her body. Would he whisper in her ear how good she feels as he brings her closer to ecstasy?

She wondered if he feels the pull as strongly as she does, she wondered if he ever wakes up in the middle of the night and looks up at the moon, wondering if she’s, perhaps, looking up at the same moon at that exact moment, the way she does with him. She wondered, if it were possible for her to be his, would he welcome her with open arms? If they were given the opportunity to be together, even if it was only for one night, would he take it? She wondered if she were standing in front of him now, would he be able to resist her and walk back to the life she could never be a part of, or would he look into her eyes and know he was screwed because there was absolutely no way he could ever resist her, no matter how strong he might be? She didn’t have the answer to any of these thoughts, but she couldn’t help but roll her eyes at her luck. She finally found the man she believed could be her soulmate, but timing is a bitch!

Note:  I claim all content as my own personal work. Any & all rights belong solely to Kristian L. Cosner Weigman. Any and all use of this work without my permission is strictly prohibited.
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8 Responses to Fiction Friday #2 Posted on a Saturday

  1. This was such a beautiful read! I kind of enjoy tragic love. Your Moulin Rouges and Phantom of the Opera’s…I wonder what that says about me?lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Christen L Coddington says:

    Wow!! I loved this!! ♡ Great work!! Keep it up woman! I really enjoy your writing!! I’ve kinda always wanted to write a book myself, but I’ve never even wrote anything out. Kudos to you for bearing your heart as an artist!! Takes courage & I greatly admire that!! ♡

    Liked by 1 person

    • kristianw84 says:

      Thank you, so much, Christen! That means so much to me! I strongly encourage everyone who wants to write, to write! It’s not easy to write a book. It’s taken me years to work on the one I’m currently writing, and I’m still not finished, but I’ll get there. It’s so worth it!! Thank you again for your kind words!!


  3. Laura Beth says:

    Wow. I re-read it twice. If you feel like this one should be a novel, I’ll buy it in a heartbeat. I felt the pull, for sure!

    Liked by 1 person

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