Thank you Monday #13

Every Friday Jimmy Fallon writes ‘thank you” notes to random people or places. I have decided to take a spin on that, only my “thank you” notes will be sincere because I don’t  say thank you nearly enough to the people in my life, and I will also do “Thank you Monday’s”, so I can start my week off on a positive note!

My 13th thank you note is to my awesome coworkers – Jen, Cindy, Jason, & Tom! (Honorable Mention, Rick)


I have been blessed to work with some of the best people a girl could ask for. These people have become like a second family, we may bicker once and a while, and we have all gotten irritated with one another, but let me tell you one thing, if anyone else so much as said one bad word against any one of them, they’d feel my wrath. I would take a bullet for these people.

Today I am acknowledging those within my department, there are many others that work in different department who have helped me in way or another, and that I also am close with, but I’ll get to them another time. 🙂

Jen, Cindy, Jason, & Tom,

Thank you for helping me out with numerous projects, for having my back in times of need, and for being awesome! I am so blessed to know each one of you, and have a great working relationship with you as well. I am so glad that we can come together and work as a team. You all make coming to work fun, and make the bad times bearable!

I always look forward to our coffee chats, sometimes very weird conversations, and the laughs!

Thanks again for all you do!



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  1. These are a great idea!

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