30 Day Jazz/Swing/Blues Challenge Day 24

Today’s song choice comes from one of my all time favorite Jazz musicians, Louis Armstrong. I just love his raspy voice, and his trumpet playing skills are on point! One of the best of his time!

There’s a lot of Louis Armstrong songs I like, his most popular being Wonderful World & Blueberry Hill, but my song choice is a bit more….morbid.

Louis wrote this particular song for a man who was trying to move in on his wife, and Louis didn’t take too kindly to it. My kind of man!

Day 24:

You Rascal You by Louis Armstrong

There’s a modernized version of this song that I like just a tad bit better, it has more of a blues feel, and the guitar sounds dirty! That version is performed by Hanni El Khatib, but I’ll let you look that one up yourself, if you so desire.

Love & life lessons,


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