Wordless Wednesday #2 Why I left my heart in Vermont.

I know this is “Wordless Wednesday,” however; I just wanted say that these pictures tell the story of why I am so in love with Vermont. Also, I apologize for the long post. It was hard enough to sort through the hundreds of photos I wanted to share. I just felt like I couldn’t leave these out. Photo Credits are found underneath the photos, some even have a back story!

I hope you enjoy looking through these beautiful photos!

Love & life lessons,



Photo Credit: Neil Weigman          Neil and I stumbled upon this beautiful pond. Neil captured the photo, isn’t it beautiful? I enlarged this and had it framed. Now it hangs in our living room. I am still so in love with this photo. Good job, hubby!

Ben & Jerrys

Photo Credit: Kristian Weigman

Cheese Emporium

Photo Credit: Kristian Weigman        I LOVE Cheese!!

Christmas Shop

Photo Credit: Kristian Weigman           Village Christmas Shop in Weston. I love this store so much!


Photo Credit: Kristian Weigman        Crowley Cheese Factory. The oldest cheese factory in Vermont! This was on an episode of Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe! I have to visit this place every time I’m in Vermont. It’s soooo good!


Photo Credit: Kristian Weigman This picture of the sunset was taken on the top of Okemo Mountain, which is a ski resort. So pretty!


Photo Credit: Jimmy Doyle     The Weston Priory, which resides a community of Benedictine Monks.

quichee gorge

Photo Credit: Kristian Weigman     Quechee Gorge


Photo Credit: Nicholas Erwin      I searched long and hard to find a picture that did justice to stargazing in Vermont. This picture shows why Vermont is one of my go to places for stargazing. I didn’t have it at the time, but now that I have my professional camera, I’m hoping I can take some pictures similar to this one!

vermont sky

Photo Credit: Kristian Weigman   Just look at those green mountains, and that beautiful Vermont sky!!

Von Trap Bell

              Photo Credit: Jimmy Doyle.  A bell that was donated to the Benedictine Brothers by the Von Trapp family. How cool is that?!


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  1. Laura Beth says:

    Absolutely gorgeous!!

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