30 Day Jazz/Swing/Blues Challenge Day 11


Today’s song choice was inspired by my friend, Christen! I had already selected this song for this list, but after talking to her on Facebook last night, I decided that I must share this song choice today!

I absolutely love the Blues. I’m sure by now you’ve figured out that I am a HUGE music lover, but the Blues are one of my favorite genres.

This particular song is played by another British man that I dearly respect and admire. He has beautiful eyes, phenomenal talent, and I just dearly love him.

I must admit, I’m envious of the people sitting in the audience. I would love to sit and watch him play, all day! Notice, the emotion on his face as he plays piano. He’s truly feeling the music he is playing, and I love that! Then when he finally sings, oh that voice, he’s just so amazing.

Okay, okay….enough talk and on to the music!

Day 11:

Saint James Infirmary by Hugh Laurie


Love & life lessons,


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8 Responses to 30 Day Jazz/Swing/Blues Challenge Day 11

  1. Simon says:

    I love Hugh Laurie, he’s a great actor and singer. A man of many talents 😀

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