52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge Weeks 39 & 40


Week 39: Your Heritage

Well of course I’m grateful for my heritage, without it I wouldn’t be here! To me heritage is not just about genealogy, it’s also about culture and traditions. I love traditions. I think that’s why I am so taken with holidays and birthdays. It’s not about the gifts, the lights, the movies, the music…although I love all of that to. It’s about family and friends joining together year after year to eat the same meal, to listen to the same music, to watch those same movies, it’s about being together and enjoying each other and those traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation. I will keep old traditions alive throughout the remainder of my lifetime, but I also look forward to making new traditions, especially now that my mom is no longer here. It will be nice to have new traditions to look forward to as well as sharing those traditions that I once shared with her, that have been passed down to me from her.

Week 40: Your greatest accomplishment

I really had to think hard about this. I am very proud of myself for the commitment I have put into writing my novel, but it isn’t yet finished. So I think my greatest accomplishment is the promotion I received at work. I love my job. I get to help people, I get to write and show my creativity. I absolutely love it, and I’m good at it. It’s the first job I’ve ever had where I feel truly appreciated!

What about you? What things do you take away from your heritage? What is your greatest accomplishment?

Love & life lessons,


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4 Responses to 52 Weeks of Gratitude Challenge Weeks 39 & 40

  1. Those are some great accomplishments, Kristian! I’m proud to be both Catholic and Jewish! My mom’s side is Catholic and my dad’s is Jewish! I’m also proud of how I’ve gotten through my anxiety, published a book, and helped others through my writing!

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  2. Nicky M says:

    I love that our lives are a balance of old traditions passed down through the years and an opportunity to create new ones…particularly around Christmas time đŸ™‚

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