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Hello lovelies,

I was tagged by the fabulous B.G.at 

1.) Writing or reading books?

Both! I believe one must do both regularly in order to become a better writer. I enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing.

2.) Reading hardbacks or paperbacks?

I’m one of the weird ones who prefers hardbacks, especially if it’s a book I own. I think they keep better.

3.) Reading E-books or books you can actually hold?

Both! I prefer books, because I’m a nerd and I love the way they smell, but it is nice to have multiple books on one device that I can chose from while I’m laying on the beach or waiting at the Dr’s office.

4.) Reading books with the protagonist of a woman or man?

Both! It’s rare that the protagonist is a man, and I am drawn to that, especially if it’s a love story. I very much enjoy romantic novels (not to be confused with smut) from a male’s point of view, but as long as a book is well written, it doesn’t matter.

5.) Reading books written by men or women?

Both! Once again, as long as the book is well written, it doesn’t matter what the sex of the author is. I do find though, that I prefer horror novels that are written by men over women. I think it’s because men have a better way of describing horror, generally of course; no sexism here!

6.) Reading books or listening?

Reading. Although, I very much enjoy listening to Patrick Stewart’s version of A Christmas Carol on audiobooks. The voices he uses to portray the characters are perfect! I also love to listen to Morgan Freeman, but I think I could be content listening to that man read the back of a cereal box!

7.) Reading out loud or in your head?

In my head

8.) Getting books from the library/borrowing them or buying them?

Both! I prefer to own the book, but as much as I love to read, I would need a bigger house, plus there’s something charming about going into a library and borrowing a book. I also love the way they smell.

9.) Reading thrillers or romance?


10.) Writing in books or not?

It’s tradition in my family to write on the inside cover of a book if you are giving it as a gift. You write who the book is to, who it is from, & what the occasion is, but other than that, absolutely not!

11.) Reading long books or short?

Both! once again, if the story is good, it doesn’t matter to me how long or short it is! 🙂

I tag everyone!!

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