Things that make me smile. Day 11

The American Flag!


America has faced it’s share of struggles.  Our government isn’t always the greatest,  in fact it’s our very government that has turned us against one another.  Our forefathers are probably turning in their graves.  I’m genuinely scared for our nation & what’s going to become of it after this November’s election,  but that is not what this flag represents.  This flag represents the brother’s & sister’s that lost their lives so that we can have our freedom.  This flag represents our heroes that risk their lives everyday, our military,  our policeman,  our firefighters.  This flag represents our forefathers who gave us our bill of rights, our constitution,  & our declaration of Independence!  This flag represents the end of slavery for African Americans,  & Equality for ALL!!! Most importantly,  this flag represents all Americans who have proven time & time again that when we stand together we can accomplish great things!  Let’s stand together America!! Let’s end the war on violence,  let’s make equality for ALL Americans,  the way it should be!  Let’s prove that the United States of America is still the best damn country! God bless the USA!

9/11 Always remember!

Love & life lessons,


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2 Responses to Things that make me smile. Day 11

  1. bonniebweb says:

    I just realized you had joined this challenge as well – nice! I’ve really been enjoying it and it has reminded me to capture the most important moments of my days – those that make me smile! Hope you are enjoying 🙂

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