52 Weeks of Gratitude


Week 31: Core Value

I have a list of things I could consider my Core value, but one stands out above all the rest and that is the Golden Rule!


It really is that simple, folks! You want  people to be nice to you, you want respect? Of course you do, we all do! You have to give that in order to receive it! The world is filled with so much hatred & I truly can’t wrap my brain around it.


It’s so easy to be kind to people. It takes so much energy to be angry & hateful! I don’t care what color your skin is, how you vote, what your beliefs are, etc.. I don’t like labels, & I won’t label you. I will treat the custodian of a company with the same amount of respect as the CEO! I’m not saying you have to agree with everyone, I’m not even saying you have to like everyone.. I sure as heck don’t, but smile & keep walking. Is it really necessary to twist the knife, back stab, & be rude to people? I don’t think so!

I saw this picture below on Facebook. I’m not sure who these kids are or who took the picture, so I apologize that I can’t give credit to the photographer, but I wanted to share this picture with you. Take a look at it. What do you see?


I see two innocent children, who have yet to be jaded by the world. I see two children who don’t care that their skin color is different, they don’t care that they are not the same gender, they don’t realize that or even think along those lines. They are just two children who turned around to say a simple hello! Why can’t we be more like these two?

Love & life lessons,


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4 Responses to 52 Weeks of Gratitude

  1. Josh Wrenn says:

    So amazing how people fail to realize that giving respect is the surest way to being respected. It doesn’t guarantee one will be, but it certainly helps especially when genuine. Great post!

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  2. Laura Beth says:

    I too, try my hardest to abide by the Golden Rule. And respect is absolutely a two-way street. I think a lot of people don’t realize that, unfortunately. The world would be a lot better off if everyone gave each other more respect. Thank you!

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