Dear mom

It has been on my heart to write to my mom, and as always I share these post with you, hoping to reach out to any of you who are hurting or grieving. If you need help please reach out to someone, you can always reach out to me, and remember to  Always Keep Fighting!

Love & life lessons,


Dear mom,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written. It’s certainly not because I don’t think about you, I think about you every day. Lately, I’ve been so depressed I just haven’t had it in me to sit down and write without breaking down every few seconds. I’m getting better as the months keep passing by, but it’s still so hard. You have no idea how much I long to hear your voice, see your beautiful smile, and laugh with you.

June started off beautifully with the birth of Ashley’s daughter, Olivia. She’s beautiful, and it’s been a while since I’ve seen her. I plan to work out a time to get with the Jones’ soon. Neil and I have been wanting to make them dinner, and visit with all three of them!

Caitlyn married Paul! The wedding was beautiful, classy, and so much fun! Caitlyn looked beautiful and Paul was so handsome! God, I love them so much!!

June, however; took a terrible turn at the end, when Neil’s beloved aunt Pat passed away. I’m sure you have met her, and easily understand why I took to her right away. Her and Uncle Mike both have been so good to Neil and I, and it’s always nice to reconnect with family.

I wasn’t going to mention this, because I didn’t want to many people knowing at first, but the more people know, the more people can pray… Neil and I are trying to have a baby, my only wish is that he or she would have been able to know their grandmother, but they’ll hear funny and wonderful stories, and your legacy will continue.

July was pretty uneventful as far as social life goes. Work was crazy busy, I don’t think I’ve ever been that stressed in my life. Amanda moved back! I’ve only gotten together with her once, but we’re making plans! Once we finish remodeling our house, and once she gets settled into her house and into more of a routine with Landen, I’m sure we’ll be able to schedule more times to get together on a regular basis! I am so happy to have her back though!

There are good things happening in August. Neil and I are getting back on track with our healthy eating, and I’m going to start walking again. I have three trips planned out of the area for work! Two in Crownsville and one in New Carrolton, it’s a lot, but I don’t mind! 🙂 Neil and I have a date night planned this weekend, and we have made plans for Neil’s birthday. We are also planning a staycation for our anniversary. I am so excited! It’s the first thing I’ve had to really look forward to for months!

I haven’t been devoting as much time to my novel, but I plan to get back to work at the end of September. The house will (hopefully) be done by then, and I can spend some evenings and weekends getting it finished up.

My blog continues to grow and gain new followers. I’m very excited and have met some fantastic people! I’ve even been able to reach out to a handful and offer support, which you know has always been a passion of mine. God is using my talents, and it’s nice to finally be able to see how He can use me!

My beloved Orioles are no longer on top, but the season isn’t over, and it’s baseball…anything can happen! It’s almost football season though, Let’s Go Steelers!

As always give my love to Grandma, tell her I miss her too. Tell Grandpa Caitlyn would have done him proud with her surprise to Grandma at her wedding, and that marriage is treating her well, although; I’m sure he already knows that. Give my love to aunt Pat, tell her I miss her and visits to Baltimore will no longer be the same. Although I’ve never met her tell Sharon that I do love her too, how could I not? She gave me the best gift I have ever received, my husband!  Hugs too all of them, but extra ones for you mommy! I love and miss you dearly!

Love always,

Your baby girl

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6 Responses to Dear mom

  1. Laura Beth says:

    This is beautiful. Thank you for sharing! I can tell that your mom was a special woman, who is missed dearly. You’re awesome!

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  2. Touching ! And i agree with Laura’ s above comment

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