August Alphabet Music Challenge


So B.G. and Carla have created another challenge!! I am stoked about this one as music is one of my passions!!  I also just want to point out that the title of this challenge looks like old type writer keys! I love that!! I am obsessed with “old vintage stuff” or “classics” I just love it, there’s this certain charm to it!

So here we go!!

1.) Band/Singer that starts with the letter A

My choices are:



Air Supply.

I could probably keep going, but I will just stop here! I’ll also leave you with my favorite song by each band!

I love AC/DC  and pretty much all of their songs, but everybody knows “Shook Me All Night Long”, “Money Talks”, and “Highway to Hell.” So I chose one of their not so popular songs. “The Jack”

I know this is a more popular Aerosmith song, but it’s my favorite! 🙂 Here’s “What it Takes”

I know everyone knows “All out of Love” by Air Supply, but I feel the need to mention it, and if you are a Supernatural fan like I am, you will understand why!! 🙂

Enjoy your Monday!!

Love & life lessons,


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3 Responses to August Alphabet Music Challenge

  1. Thanks for participating! I love the typewriter thing too. I made it on PicMonkey!

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  2. Laura Beth says:

    I love this!! I’m stalking your responses!

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