July TV Show Photo Challenge


30.) Saddest Character Death.


My pick is Dean Winchester. In The last episode of season 9 titled “Do You Believe in Miracles?”


Now, I need to mention that Dean doesn’t actually die, he comes back as a demon, however; when I saw this episode for the first time I was devastated! I went through all of the stages of grief!!


I am a nerd who gets emotionally attached to the characters. Dean is my all time favorite character. I bawled like a baby through this episode!


So yeah, even though Dean didn’t actually die, at this time I thought he did. I was crying as hard as Sam, grabbing a hold of my TV like I could actually hold on to Sam & Dean. My husband was looking at me like I was in insane!!

Do you get emotionally attached to fictional characters?!!

Love & life lessons,


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3 Responses to July TV Show Photo Challenge

  1. I find myself getting a little emotional at times (throat gets scratchy) but that’s mainly it.

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