“Help me if you can, I’m feeling down!”

I have always had a burning passion, a deep desire to help people. In a world filled with so much anger and hate, even at a young age, I wanted to spread happiness and love to the world.

Now that I’m older and I’m not so innocent and naive I find that these desiresΒ do not run as deep as they once did. I still want to help people, I still believe in helping out our fellow man, but as I turn on the news or get on social media, my heart is heavy. I can’t stop the tears from falling from my eyes as i see so many lives that have been taken by a world that is so dark and evil. I have genuine concern for our country, and I do not like the path we are headed down. I am scared for our policeman, our military, our nation!

I have always been one to try and find the positive in every situation, now when I look around me, it’s hard to see anything positive. How many more lives do we have to lose because of hatred towards gays, race, religion, sex, ethnicity, etc..?

Help me see the positive, give me something to restore my faith in humanity, make me see a light instead of the darkness that is enveloping all of us!

“Help me if you can, I’m feeling down!”

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11 Responses to “Help me if you can, I’m feeling down!”

  1. Floating Speck says:

    Hi , I feel the same way and what I do is try to have as many positive Interactions in a day and if I can help you I will . It’s like I am trying to reduce the negativity in the air by pouring out positivity. It’s hard . Don’t give up keep being a bright soul!

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  2. Love your blog and the value your share. I too share your desire to help others. I think at the core of our being is a desire to give back to the world. To ‘Transcend’ as Maslow called it. Thanks for writing and sharing. – DMS

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  3. Hey Kristian. 😊 Hope you are feeling calm right now? See there is LOVE all around. Some of it gets unnoticed and some of it gets noticed. Life is much more beyond rapes,murder,burgalry, harrassment etc. There is so much LOVE LOVE AND LOVE. Am launching a blog post on the same for YOu. Hope it will help you to gain some positive aroma. By that time, am sending universe’s positivity and chill vibes so that you can cut the negativity around. πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡ My sugary hugs to you. You are amazing. πŸ™‚

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