52 Weeks of Gratitude

Week 22: Something you use everyday

As I was sitting here trying to think of all of the things I use everyday, like my phone, my car, chap-stick, lotion, etc…I realized in all of my posts about the little things in life, and all of the other things I am grateful for for, I have yet to mention my coffee maker!!

I have two, one at work that my amazing husband bought me, and it pours the coffee directly into my travel mug, how awesome is that?! And then my Keurig at home!


I am a HUGE coffee lover, and I can’t have coffee on a regular basis without my coffee makers! So thank you inventors of the Keurig, and the KitchenAid coffee maker! You have made my life a little more enjoyable!!


Thank God for Coffee!!

Love & life lessons,


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4 Responses to 52 Weeks of Gratitude

  1. neilweigman82 says:

    Man that’s one good looking coffee maker.

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  2. Hey lovely i wish we could take a cup of coffee together!!!! I also wanted to tell i nominated you to the “Awesome Quote Challenge” im sure you´ll share somehting great!!!! I wish you a wonderful day, and continue being such a grateful girl 💛

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