Gratitude Challenge

Week 15: Things you love about spring:

  • Baseball – I posted a blog entry about why I love this sport!
  • Easter – The celebration of the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, ham, and pineapple upside down cake doesn’t hurt either. 🙂
  • The smell of Freshly cut grass
  • Flip Flops!!!! – I miss them!
  • Spring flowers – Daffodils and Tulips especially.
  • Tree Frogs(aka: Peepers) – I used to call my mom whenever I heard them, it was a sure sign of spring.
  • The return of birds, like robins and orioles!! 🙂
  • Humming birds – I love to watch them.
  • Beating the winter blues. I struggle with seasonal depression. After the holidays, I just get in this funk and I miss the sun and the outdoors
  • Bonfires and hoodies (also one of my favorite things about fall)


Talk to me, what do you love about spring?

Love & life lessons,


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